“For the first time in forever…”

Anybody recognize the title? They are lyrics. But more on that later.

This is, obviously, my first post on my blog. So, I’ll be doing the News on Wings report every blog.



I will be adding a new page called Nakoma. It is my current novel, and I would like some feedback. So, please comment on it once it’s on. And none of that, “Oh, it’s great Chloe, it’s perfect.” You can always improve. I want actual, real, comments. Be harsh. You can say, “Chloe, I hate it. The plot is bad, the characters are boring, and the setting is weird.” But please have your reasons. Don’t say, “The main character is mean.” Say why he/she is mean. For example, “I think the main character is way too mean when he/she bullies that kid. Maybe you could change it.”


I am going to see Frozen in the theater today! Yay! I know the songs, have seen clips, and know the characters, but I haven’t seen it. Crazy, right? But now I shall. And that is why the title is what it is. It’s part of the song in the above-mentioned movie.

And it’s the Superbowl. I have to mention it, right?


It has been pouring buckets since 6 AM. I like rain. It means I can stay home and write and blog! So I might do more than one post today, since I have nothing to do.


Check out “Let It Go” by Demi Lovato, a song she wrote for Frozen. Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk

Also, while you’re on YouTube, check out this video with writing tips, since, technically, this is a writing website, but I’m straying from that and having fun. Sorry if that bugs you. But although I love writing, I do other stuff. And this reflects that. So, anyway, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f5IFRKstVg I didn’t see it all, but it seems pretty good, and it’s not too long.

Please continue to check my blog daily and subscribe. Look for new pages and whatnot.




Comment, maybe? :)

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