New, New, New!

Check it out…



I added Character Studies, a page all about characters I like. I also added the first chapter of a novel I’m currently writing. Critique is encouraged. Check both of these pages regularly; they will be updated.


Nothing much. Seahawks won. Big whoop. School is tomorrow. I have my early math test and orchestra, so I probably won’t be able to post.


It’s 8:23 PM, and it finally stopped raining! That was around 7:20, though, I think. But there is no rain.


I hope you enjoyed the videos. I don’t feel like look–oh, what the heck! I’ll look up more. YOLO.

Here’s a video from Rick Riordan:

From Stephen King on short stories:

J.K. Rowling (not sure how good it is):

That should be enough to keep you busy for fifteen minutes. Hopefully they’re good, I don’t know.


There’s a certain feeling when you open a new, bound, paper-and-ink book. You open it with slight hesitation; you don’t want to hurt the spine or pages. But when you turn to the first page, the title page, you get excited. You’re beginning a new journey, a new adventure. The first page has you gripped, and you’re rapidly turning the pages. When you finish it, you’re satisfied, and you gently put the book on your bookshelf so you can read it again in a month. You’re not, if I may, afraid of it. It’s yours now.

And then there’s a feeling when you open an old book. You rip it open, skim the first page, since you’ve practically memorized the plot. You dog-ear the pages, bend them, even write notes in the margins if you’re feeling fancy. The cover may be ripped, but it’s still a treasure.

What will happen to these joys when e-books take over? What about the libraries you spend hours in, searching the dusty books and reading. Those won’t exist. Little antique bookstores with stacks and overflowing shelves will be non-existent. To me, that is a melancholy feeling. I adore books, real ones, and the feeling of them in my hands. I don’t want it replaced with the sleek surface of an e-reader and online bookstores like Amazon. You can’t rip the cover or dog-ear your page, or tenderly put it back on the shelf.

It is my wish that I will be able to read and buy and borrow paper books until my dying day.





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