The Truth Among Other Matters

The title of this post may imply that I am not who you think I am, or that Nakoma is not my own work. None of those theories are true. I just want to clear something up about the title. Read it below.



I have to say, this is not a great blog without writing news. I am not subscribed to any blog or newspaper or whatnot that is up-to-date on stuff like that. But if you do know of some FREE writing news thing, please contact me. I will love you forever.

OMG, brainstorm! I just figured out an awesome way to get news in the writing world.

And here it is: Breaking News! At last! Yes, I know, you were thinking I would drone on and on about how fun the Valentine’s Day dance was (it was really fun), but I have exceeded your expectations. I found an amazing, recent, blog post from Rick Riordan–yes, the star himself– about becoming a published author. And how more relevant can you get? Here’s the link:

Please read it all. And, I know, it’s long, but I encourage you to at least spend five to ten minutes either reading or skimming (as I did for the majority of it–sorry, Rick) it. You will find very useful information that will aid you in the future [or present] if you ever feel the urge to write a book, or, let’s say, on a whim, become an author or something.


Yes, the dance was yesterday, and I have to say, I had a really fun time. I danced and danced and danced some more. And, of course, there were the s l o w songs. I might have danced on one of those…(please excuse me while I blush) Overall I had a fabulous time. I also got to dress up in a super sophisticated black dress that fit me perfectly. And gold-colored jewelry and shoes. I have to admit, I love dressing up when I can.


It is kind of sprinkly-ish and dreary. The sun didn’t shine much, but, after all, “only rainbows after rain, the sun will always come again.” So I’m not worried. And the water is good for the earth. Where I live, there has been a drought happening. We need all the rain we can get!


I’ve been reading some really good books lately, such as Heaven is Paved With Oreos by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. It is about a girl named Sarah, her zany grandmother Z, her best friend Curtis, a tough girl D.J., and a Roman holiday. Sound boring? It’s not. It’s Sarah’s journal, with one excerpt from Z’s. Sarah and her best friend Curtis are fake-dating because everyone thinks they already are. But things become awkward when Curtis wants a real girlfriend, and Sarah thinks he wants to date Emily Friend, top mean girl. She escapes to Rome where she and her grandmother have a spiritual adventure touring Rome on a pilgrimage to see seven famous churches. The trip is not only about physical things, but is drowning in emotion. Sarah learns more about her family after the trip from Z, who has kept many secrets for years.

I recommend this book to people who like:

a) the complexity of a friendship between two genders

b) a life-like story with twists and turns


c) unusual characters

The only criticism I have is that the story includes major elements of the Catholic religion. I am an atheist/agnostic, so I’m not a believer of God. I found this book to have the theme of connecting with God. This is not totally a bad thing because I was able to learn about the churches, saints, and rituals which I do not know much about. I think that if you are Catholic or Christian you might get more out of this book than I did, since you would know what the author is referring to.

Overall I give this book three and a half stars out of five. I encourage others to read it, so why not check it out from your local library?


Now the truth will be revealed: I did not come up with the title for this blog. I am not trying to plagiarize, but I just thought it was so inspirational and creative.

The credit goes to Frances O’Roark Dowell. I found the phrase in one of her books, The Sound of Your Voice Only Really Far Away. It is the third book in the Secret Language of Girls trilogy.

Read this book if you like:

a) middle school drama

b) friendship trouble


c) real-life scenarios

I really enjoyed it, which is why I named my blog Free As a Girl With Wings.

I must now, regretfully, bid you dear readers farewell, for I must eat dinner. I am working hard at finishing the fourth chapter of Nakoma.

Carpe diem: Latin for “Seize the day!” Use it instead of YOLO. YOLO is a cliché. And do you really want to use a cliché? Who knows, maybe carpe diem will catch on!

Au revoir,



One thought on “The Truth Among Other Matters

  1. I read that thing that Rick Riordan posted already. It was pretty good, and VERY detailed. I have never read either of those books, but I’ll try to put them on my list of books to read. Carpe diem!

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