I Just Want to Say

I just want to say…



I uploaded the fourth chapter to Nakoma. It’s really long, about ten pages. I just didn’t know when to stop! I introduce another mysterious character that adds more complications.

Your Challenge: When you finish the chapter, leave a comment that includes who the new mysterious character is that I added, and what connection he/she has with Nakoma. Leave the comment on the Nakoma page by February 13, and I’ll check them out. Whoever’s is closest to the real idea, I will reward with one of these options:

a) their own post on my blog, with credit to them

b) an added page to my blog of their own idea, with credit to them


c) a page on my blog with their own short story that is no more than 15,000 words, with credit to them

The contest is called Who Are They?. Submit your idea ASAP. No hints will be given.


The Olympics! Who has been watching the Olympics? I just love them. I especially like the new sport, slopestyle. It’s really cool.


It has finished raining this morning and, at 9:24 AM, it is dreary and gray. Lots of fog, too. Maybe it’ll rain some more!


I just finished reading Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. It’s a really interesting book, but the 7 Reasons to Read This Extraordinary Novel are very vague. The story is much more than what it implies.

The main character is Willow, who is extremely smart. She has her own garden, is interested in medical issues, and is fluent in many languages. But she is so much unlike me.

The supporting characters are very original. There’s Pattie, who owns a nail salon. Mai and Quang-ha are her children and Willow’s friends. Dell is a counselor that is not very good at, well, counseling. Jairo is a taxi driver and soon becomes Willow’s good friend.

The book is in the first-person point of view of Willow, but switches to third-person and tracks other characters, too. This style is very interesting, something I never thought of doing.

My only criticism is that the sentences, when in Willow’s point of view, are very short and clipped. The author has very short paragraphs, one sentence even, and they are frequent.

I rate this book three stars.


It seems like in movies (Disney especially) if the protagonist is female, people expect her to either be super girly, waiting for a guy to rescue her, or a total tomboy that’s athletic and capable of taking care of herself.

But what about a balance? If I was made into a Disney character, I would be a little of both. I am really girly; I love clothing, dressing up, lip gloss, etc. I’m also capable of taking care of myself. I wouldn’t wait around for some “dashing” prince to save me. Heck, no! I would go out and find him. I’d go on adventures, take part in a battle. I would be a cross between Snow White and Merida.

In the movie Frozen, the two main characters (female) are headstrong and confident, but care [as far as I know] about their beauty, too. If you’ve seen Frozen, you know the part where Elsa makes her ice castle? She is creating a fortress with magical powers, but gives herself a new outfit. I was thinking, Yeah, sister! You go girl!

This discussion doesn’t have anything to do with writing, but that’s how I think of Nakoma: a balance of girly and headstrong, but she’s farther on the side of headstrong.

That’s how I’ll end this. Remember to submit your ideas about the new character!

Good luck,



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