I Was So Wrong

I have been doing the completely wrong thing. In retrospect, my blog seems so stupid! News on Wings? Weather? I highly doubt you care if it’s raining or sunny where I live. I need to focus on writing. I need to be free as a girl with wings.

All this time I’ve been trying to find advice on writing on blogs, websites, and YouTube, when the entire time it’s been in me. I am a writer. I know things about writing. I don’t need a professional author’s blog posts to learn how to write. Writing is in my blood. I breathe, drink, and live it. It’s who I am.

A writer is a storyteller, spinning straw words into golden stories.

So here is my advice: You are the writer. You are the creator of your characters, worlds, languages, and journey. You can do whatever you want to with your story. It obeys you and only you.

I am D-O-N-E with writing tips. Those tips apply to that writer. They do what they want. So don’t take my advice. I don’t care.

How to Write a Good Story, in My Opinion:

1. Create a compelling main character. Readers want a character that they can relate to in some ways, but also can’t relate to.

2. Danger: Do not make your character you! This is a character, a figment on paper. You can share some qualities, but the character should ultimately be someone else, not your soul mate.

3. Get a vague idea of the plot. In third and fourth grade I learned about the writing process and how to plan your story/essay. It went like this:

Topic Sentence: Otters are fascinating.

One Idea and Three Details: They eat many things. They eat crab, urchins, and mussels. They open shellfish with rocks. Otters store rocks in their armpits.

One Idea and Three Details: Otters look adorable, but they are wild animals, so don’t touch them. They have lots of soft fur to keep them warm. They have little ears. They also have sharp teeth, so watch out!

Conclusion: Otters are my favorite animals because they are smart and cute.

I hated that! But that was mostly for essays. For creative writing, we had a different procedure:

Beginning: Sarah goes to Ally’s house.

Middle: They get lost in the woods.

End: They come back home.

I despise planning out stories from beginning to end. I like to let the story tell itself, while I have an outline of the plot, but I change it.

4. Have your own style. Don’t copy other people. Write how you write. Maybe you write with lots of funny sentences, or long paragraphs with lots of description.

5. Don’t drag one moment on. For example, I could write about a girl, Emily, going to an ice cream shop and deciding what flavor she wants. I could do this in two ways.

Emily entered the ice cream shop and observed the flavors. She saw orange sorbet, chocolate fudge chunk, vanilla, mint, Oreo cookie, strawberry, banana, cheesecake, cotton candy, Rocky Road, and walnut-peanut butter. Next she looked at the toppings: M&M’s, nuts, sprinkles, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, cookie dough, brownie bites, chocolate chips, and gummy bears. Finally Emily decided on chocolate fudge chunk with caramel sauce and cookie dough in a waffle cone bowl.


Emily entered the ice cream shop and observed the flavors. There were so many she couldn’t even count them! There were also lots of toppings to choose from. Finally she chose chocolate fudge chunk with caramel sauce and cookie dough in a waffle cone bowl.

I condensed the first paragraph so it wasn’t as long. The second paragraph didn’t drag on and bore the reader.

6. Keep the plot exciting. Add drama and twists to keep the reader hooked. But don’t add so much that the story gets confusing.

Those are my tips. I hope they help anyone that is a writer, or aspires to be one. Anyone can be a writer, as long as you write, no matter what age you are.

Also, remember the contest! I have gotten only one submission and the contest ends tomorrow. So read and infer.

Carpe diem!

Finally free,






2 thoughts on “I Was So Wrong

  1. Aw… I love your writing tips! I disagree about them only applying to one writer. I think that there are elements that make a good story (sympathetic characters, ect…) that every writer should know. On the other hand, every writer has there own troubles (I, for example, don’t use enough backstory).
    Great post, though!

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