Valentine’s Day

Greetings, faithful readers, and happy [belated] Valentine’s Day! I love you guys so much; thanks for reading my blog. I am forever grateful to your dedication to me.

I hope your V-Day was great. Mine was pretty average. Candy from classmates, sugar buzz, cards from parents, etc.

I am working very hard to finish the fifth chapter for Nakoma, but it isn’t as easy as it looks! I’m working on two side projects also, which take time away. But they help me brainstorm new ideas and such.

The competition fizzled out and died, so I’m giving you more time: until the 21st, a week from today. If no one else participates, Jenna will be the winner, since she is the only one who has submitted an idea.

I must get back to my writing; my novel needs me. I won’t be able to post again until Monday, since I will be gone, so read my story, submit, and comment. I will appreciate it.

Carpe diem and hakuna matata,



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