A Blank Page is Your Worst Enemy

Sometimes I have no inspiration for a story. I want to write, but I don’t know what I should write about. I stare at an empty page, either in a notebook or on my computer screen. So here are some things for writers to do or write about when they’re stuck.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Write About:

1. Most people have a radio, iPod, mp3 player, or something that plays music. (If you don’t have any of the above, go to YouTube.) You probably have a song you know by heart. You have a song you sing in the shower, one, when it comes on, you plug your ears. Take one of these songs and think about the meaning, or the story behind it. For example, if I choose “Love Story” by Taylor Swift (Go Taylor!) I can infer that it is about two lovers whose families don’t want them to be dating. Take your inference and turn the song into a story. (Example using “Love Story”: Once upon a time, I met a boy and we fell in love at first sight. Our love was passionate, but we were only able to meet at night because our families disliked eachother and disapproved of us dating.) Challenge: Write a story about a song that is 200 words. Exactly.

2. Go to a public space, such as a park, café, or museum, and people-watch. I love people-watching; I’ve been doing it ever since I was born, practically. I think all writers are natural observers and curious. Soon enough, a character in a purple beret sporting an auburn moustache and kilt will walk by, and, boom!, there’s the opening line for your story. (Example: I squatted behind a rose bush, the thorns pricking my sides, as I watched a man in a purple beret and kilt saunter past. He was the one I saw at the museum two nights ago! He stole the ancient jade necklace.) I have good ideas already…

3. Draw something, especially a person. Even if you can’t draw, try doodling something and let your imagination flow. Believe me, it works. Maybe someday I’ll upload a doodle of a little creature I drew randomly once and see who can create the best 300-word-or-less story about him. Comment if you think it’s a good idea! (I need all the support I can get.)


I’ve discovered a few new Taylor Swift songs. Here’s a [short] list:

Today Was a Fairytale

Sweeter Than Fiction

Come in With the Rain


I Almost Do

Look them up on YouTube if you feel like it. “Carpe diem, as usual.” -Jenna

Cherish the life you live and don’t let empty pages get you down,



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