Lazy Wednesday

Lazy Wednesdays. Ahh. School ends early, today I have no homework, and plenty of time to relax and write all I want (after I practice my violin, of course). And, also, to add to that fun, I have a private tennis lesson later!

News in the writing world…I may have said this before, but I have to completely rewrite the 7th chapter of Nakoma. I am mad. At computers. At blue screens. At viruses. At Acer. It’s not faaaaaair!!!!

You probably don’t want to hear me rant about my sad, sad rewrite. Instead, I will give book recommendations! How cool is that? So today, I got this email from my grandmother with a bunch of books and/or my cousin (an avid reader) likes. I’ll have an input if I’ve read them. Let’s take a look.

Author-Books-Age Appropriate-ness

Tamora Pierce-Right up there with J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan! I recommend all her books-Ages 11 and up, depending on level of maturity. Ages 13-11, ask parents before reading.

Rick Riordan-Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles. They are all fantastic-Ages 8 and up, easily. Nothing inappropriate.

Herbie Brennan-Faerie Wars Chronicles-12 and up, with parents’ approval.

Kristen Britain-Green Rider-12 and up

T.A. Barron-The Lost Years of Merlin Epic, The Great Tree of Avalon. On Great Tree of Avalon: I read a little of it, and it seems pretty interesting. LOTS of fantasy animals and such (magic)-Ages 10 and up

Mercedes Lackey-The Heralds of Valdemar-Ages 12 and up

Scott Westerfield-Leviathan Behemoth, Goliath-Ages 12 and up with parents’ approval.

So, check ’em out. I’ll work hard to finish the 7th chapter, and then Nakoma will roll smoothly once again. I’m also planning on reading I Am Malala, so I’ll do a review on that soon. I’ll be gone from this Saturday to Wednesday.

Love ya bunches,




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