I Am Malala (and GIFs I hope work)

Me when I saw I Am Malala at Barnes and Noble:

I am Stitch 

Me, after I read I Am Malala:

As you can see, I am totally in love with the book. As heartbreaking and devastating to our human race as it is, it is diamonds and rubies in the form of ink and paper. I fell in love with beautiful Swat Valley, its rolling hills and hospitable residents. I got lost in a Malala’s sad, ineffably tragic world teeming with murder and injustice. I wish I could say that I Am Malala is fiction. But it’s not. It’s true as Malala’s love for education and the henna on her hands.

The writing paints a stunning picture in the reader’s mind, from the dripping blood of the policeman’s head to the dirty trash pile and the children sorting through it. From the book I learned so much about the Muslim culture and religion; it was like walking through a living history. Although there are many parts about war and death, it is overall a happy book. Ineffably happy. Malala pulls through and fights on. And not only does she survive the Taliban attack, but there are bits of happiness woven in between the sorrow and devastation. Malala watching TV with her family; going on school fieldtrips; drawing formulas on her hands in place of traditional flowery henna; laughing with her friends; learning in class.

I recommend this book to anyone that strives to see the world in a better state with equal rights for everyone.

I am Malala. You are Malala. We are Malala. We must be the change we need to see.





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