Fitting In and Forgetting What They Say

Sometimes I feel like I’m still figuring out who I am. I know I’m young, but I feel like I should know myself and my style. I’ll put on a leather jacket, skinny jeans, and combat boots and look in the mirror and think, Is this really who I am?

disney animated GIF

And then there’s the question, If I be who I really am, will I be accepted? which is a  main theme in adolescence. I feel like I want to be more than the goody-two-shoes who’s good at grammar and spelling. I want to be more than that girl that is quiet in class and never answers questions. I want to be unique, and I know am, but in what way? The inside of me is so different from what I show on the outside that it’s hard to match them.

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Everyone judges you on what you wear, how you act, and what you have. It’s all about fitting in and saying the right things. One wrong step, and you’re everyone’s target.

ellen degeneres animated GIF

I guess I’m just ranting…and complaining…and being dramatic.

On the bright side, I’m going shopping tomorrow!!!

excited animated GIF

Aww. Cute lil’ minions. They just make your day, don’t they? Make you forget about unpleasant thoughts.

Shout-out to my friend Justin: You are awesome; don’t let people tell you otherwise. You are a great person in so many ways. Just because a few people say something doesn’t mean you have to believe it. Here’s a GIF just for you:

smart animated GIF

Here’s my message to anyone that’s having a bad day, upset, or thinks they are inferior or stupid or dumb.

disney animated GIF

Yes, cliché, I know. But…LET IT GO. Seriously, they’re not worth your time if they’re saying bad things about you.

Have a fantabulous day or night or afternoon or whatever.

Read, rock, and rule the world,



4 thoughts on “Fitting In and Forgetting What They Say

  1. Chloe, I continue to be amazed by your writing. Should you know who you are? I don’t know. I am now 74 and constantly discovering more things about myself. I am changing every day as we all are. Nature abhors a vacuum and is constantly evolving- I think we all do that as well. Searching is fabulous, asking all the questions is fabulous, trying new things is fabulous. Yes, it would be good to speak out in class more, and perhaps your writing it in your blog will help you figure out how to do that. Your heart is open and you are a good friend to many people, me included. I look forward to many many years with you as we both change and grow.

  2. I love your GIF’s! I think we all fit in one way or another simply because we are human and have secrets and talents… We find similarities in friends when we find someone who, (I’m using C.S. Lewis quote now) you can say: “What! You too? I thought no one but myself…”

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