The Eighth Chapter and Other Important Stuff and Lots of GIFs

Big news!!! The eighth chapter of Nakoma is now updated. It took me a looooong time, and now it’s complete. I’m working hard at the ninth, but it’s no easy feat. Anyway, super super happy. I know you guys have been waiting forever for this.

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I’m also extremely happy to say that Sam, the girl power behind Young Writers Café, says my GIF skills are improving. That is a high compliment, since she is an accomplished blogger. Sam gave me the idea of using GIFs, since she uses them a lot. Thanks, Sam!

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Happy Easter, one day early, depending on when you read this. I’m not a fan of 1D, but I found this very funny:

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This is practically more GIFs than words, so I guess I better say something…

I think it’s really important in life to have someone you look up to, someone who’s your role model, whether it’s a writer or superhero or book character or musician. I have a number one hero: Malala Yousafzai. She is so amazing and courageous and brave. But my other heroes include Taylor Swift, JK Rowling, my mom, my really good friend Lina, and Kate (a character in The Secret Language of Girls trilogy). I mainly admire these people because they stand up for what they believe in and aren’t afraid to be who they are.

Taylor Swift is my lifesaver and life soundtrack. I’ll listen to one of her songs, and I’ll remember a moment when I felt exactly as it says, or when that song explained my life in that moment. She’s headstrong, dealt with bullying, and has an amazing voice.

JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Is there more to say? She has a magical way with words, creating a world parallel to our own that we can only imagine. I adore her writing and how down-to-earth and honest she is. She, in her own way, is a superhero, rising up from the ashes.

My mom is outstanding. She has taught me so much about writing and all I know. She supports whatever I do and believes in me. She is like me #1 Fan, always there to cheer me on. She is kind, intelligent, and creative. Not only do we share the same hair, but we other special qualities.

Lina is everything you can imagine and more. She is incredibly honest and strong and beautiful. She speaks her mind, plays violin, does gymnastics, juggles problems, and gets excellent marks at school. She is a leader and my competitor. We challenge each other and laugh about it. Although she is some months younger than me, she is a wonderful person to strive to be.

Kate does what she wants no matter what others say. She tries to be who she is and keep the peace with a fading friend. She has friends that are boys that aren’t boyfriends. She questions others and is true to herself. I admire her ineffably.

Who are your heroes? What do they do for you? Take a moment and recognize them, give them credit for what they do for you. They are special.

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Have a great night, day, or whatever.

Hasta luego,



2 thoughts on “The Eighth Chapter and Other Important Stuff and Lots of GIFs

  1. I also look up to Malala, I did a bit of research, and plan to read her book. And J.K. Rowling. I also look up to Greg Mortenson, Jules Verne, and a lot of other people including my teachers, and family. Happy late Easter!

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