The Three Musketeers

Who do you think of when you hear the phrase “three musketeers”? One of the things that pops into my mind is Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. This post is dedicated to my three musketeers, or two, since I’m one of them, and they’re names are Leo (lee-oh, not lay-oh) and Justin. Two great guys and one solid friendship. I haven’t been friends with them for very long, but they are my two besties.

This post is not only dedicated to them, but is about friendship, girl drama, and the pros and cons of having two boy BFFs. Enjoy!

WARNING: Many Harry Potter GIFs ahead. Proceed with caution. :)

Friendship. Best friends. Good friends. Simply, friends. Friends, I think, are very important in life. They keep you happy,

smile animated GIF

they make you laugh,

emma watson animated GIF

and they know how to comfort you.

emma watson animated GIF

What I Look For In a Friend:

1. Sense of humor

2. Kindness

3. Loyalty

4. Intelligence

5. Interest in similar things as me

With friendship comes drama, and, from the female perspective, I can say drama is common in friendship. Most of it’s really stupid and you can laugh about it later, but some leaves a scar on any tight friendship. Friends fight; life goes on. But people, girls especially, spread nasty rumors, share secrets, and tease others. I’ve had my share of it all.

I think the hardest thing about drama is dealing with it. I’ve created some solutions on how to deal with different types of drama. See below for my Get Real and Deal Guide. (Isn’t that an awesome name?! :D)


Step 1: Get Real. Someone spread a rude rumor about you. You’re freaking out, because what if everyone finds out? You’ll be the laughingstock of the school. Get real. Rumors will die, eventually. It may be embarassing, but soon someone else will be in the spotlight and you’ll be able to take five.

Step 2: Keep Your Head High. Head high, shoulders back, chin up, someone get that pimple!, more hairspray on the left bangs, watch those heels. Do you get my message? Keep your cool. Don’t let the bullies (aka rumor-spreaders) know you know. Be calm and collected at all times. They just want to get you angry, so if you don’t show it, they won’t know it.

Step 3: Take Action. Tell the bullies to S-T-O-P stop. Tell them it’s rude and, btw, your personal stuff is none of their biz! They have absolutely no right to talk about you in a mean way behind your back, especially if they’re spreading their opinions. Sure, you can’t make everyone happy, but it doesn’t mean the folks that aren’t happy have to tell everyone about it. Newsflash: The world doesn’t care!

Step 4: Tell It to the Authorities. If telling the bullies to stop doesn’t work, tell a teacher or trusted adult. They will be able to stop it once and for all.

I’ll be adding a page to my blog called Get Real and Deal with more tips on how to deal with life and what it throws at you.


naruto animated GIF


awesome animated GIF

There are so many pros to being friends with boys, the main one being, no girl drama.

But there are cons.

harry potter animated GIF

The boy stupidities of the world, no offense to boys. But they can be so clueless at times. I’m sure they say stuff about us smart, intelligent, lovely girls. :P I’m just playing with you guys. Boys are great. At least 90% of them.

When I see Justin and Leo:

harry potter animated GIF

Us talking during recess:

harry potter animated GIF

See? It’s all good. :)

Luv u guys so much. Hope you enjoyed this post.




13 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers

  1. I have to say: when I think of the Three Musketeers, I think of Athos, Aramis, and Pothos. But when I think of amazing trios, I do think of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, and most of all the Golden Trio from Harry Potter. What you said about bullies is very true, just keep your head high [nods approvingly] I love all the GIF’s!

  2. Relationships with girls are important as well. Haven’t all females in every society experienced being treated inferior to males? In business, in politics, in organizations and on the street? We must not do that to each other and perpetuate that stigma. We can all grow better relationships by expressing our feelings to each other- saying right out that we don’t like the whispering campaigns and other sly things that girls sometimes get carried away with. Speak out, yes, but don’t give up on female relationships, please.
    Love, Nana

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