Addicted to Reading

I am addicted to reading. (And writing.) But right now I’m talking about reading. Anyway. Reading is ma words. It transports you to another time, another land, another life. When I read, I forget where I am, who I am, and what’s happening. I forget everything–that annoying guy, my algebra homework, that project that’s due, who said what to me–it all goes away, and I’m left with the pages of my book and the beautiful words in it.

I experience ______ when I’m reading:

1. the idea that I’ll read just a few pages, then do my homework.

2. magical worlds, and forget everything else, especially my own boring life.

3. empathy of the characters in the book. I love them, cry with them, cheer with them, die with them.

4. happiness, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a fifty-page chapter book, 500-page novel, or the sequel. Reading makes me happy, and now one can ever make me ashamed because of what I read.

5. calmness; I can forget everything wrong with my world.

That’s the top five. And, as I end this post, one last picture:

Carpe librum!







3 thoughts on “Addicted to Reading

  1. Go reading! But seriously, I’ll say I’m gonna read a few pages or just one more chapter and then do homework or go to bed . . . it will never happen.

  2. Yeah, if I say “just a couple…” I mean reading for the rest of the day. I like entangling myself in the world of fantasy, or in a character’s situation. I often find that if I draw fanart when I’m bored, it’s because I am still lost in the book.

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