It’s Called Writer’s Block

You are probably angry at me… Ripping your hair out in frustration… Screaming at the computer screen… Thinking mean thoughts… Crying at night… I’m ineffably sorry; I apologize ten trillion billion times. I have something called writer’s block. Here are some of the symptoms, at least for me:

  • avoidance of writing that one novel
  • no ideas for that novel
  • writing other stories
  • plot ideas for other stories

computer animated GIF

BUT. I swear on all the Harry Potter books that I will write at least one page of Nakoma tonight, stuffed animals be my witnesses.

On a happier note, I got…. FIRST PLACE at the Steinbeck Competition!!!!!!

harry potter animated GIF

Anyway, I shall go write. One last GIF!

emma watson animated GIF

I love that one. <3

“I’ll spend the rest of my time laughing hard with the windows down…”




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