The Lunar Chronicles-Cinder, Scarlet, Cress- and My Thoughts

Today, I went to the bookstore.

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And…I saw the third book in the Lunar Chronicles! So I’ll be reviewing them today. (I read Cinder and Scarlet a while ago, so I’ll review the series.)

Quick Facts

Main Characters: Cinder, Prince Kai, Thorne, Scarlet, Wolf, Queen Levana, and Cress

The Books: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and–coming soon!–Winter

Setting: Future Earth and Luna (the moon)

An Interesting Fact: The books have the basis of classic fairytales. Cinder is like Cinderella, with evil stepsisters and stepmom, a ball, and a majestic prince. Scarlet is like Little Red Riding Hood, with a wolf and grandma. Cress is like Rapunzel, with a secluded prison, master witch, and long locks.


Cinder: Cinder is a cyborg outcast, victim of a tragic accident, who lives with vile step-family. She meets handsome and charming Prince Kai when he asks her to fix his beloved android, seeing as she’s a brilliant mechanic. Cinder, of course, falls for the prince. Plague begins to sweep the land, and Cinder is then wrapped up in finding the cure, all while trying to save Kai from the murderous, deceiving Lunar queen Levana.

Scarlet (this one’s hazier for me): Luna has created wolf-man hybrids that attack Earth. Scarlet’s grandmother falls victim to one of the beasts, and she Scarlet befriends one of them, who aids her on a quest to find her grandmother. At the end, they meet Cinder and Captain Thorne, who are on the run.

I won’t review Cress until I finish it; I’m a third of the way there!

I just got to the super revealing, dark part of Nakoma, and I’m ecstatic! It is really fun to write, but also a bit sad. There is…I can’t say! But it’s super good. Juicy secrets, betrayal–I said too much!

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Anyway, I can’t wait to finish it. Here’s one thing about it…


The title of the chapter is: You Never Know What Will Happen Next.


I should write it, but Cress is so good! It was hard to tear myself away from it just to post this.

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Love ya’ll so much! <3

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