My List of Pick-Me-Ups

Sometimes you just have those days when the whole world seems gray and nothing goes right. Maybe you had a “bloody” fight with your parents or your so-called friend completely betrayed your trust or that one guy/girl you’re crushing on just never seems to notice you. We all have those days. Even writers, believe it or not. We are people, too.

Here’s a list of ways to make yourself feel more sunshiny than stormy. And, best of all, there’s a GIF for each one!

Chloe’s List of Guaranteed Pick-Me-Ups When You’re Feeling Down

Pick-Me-Up #1: Listen to some music. Whenever I’ve had a bad day, I’ll lie down on my bed, stare at the ceiling, and just listen to some music. If I’m feeling sad, I’ll listen to a sad song, like “Breathe” by Taylor Swift, and sing quietly, maybe even cry a little. But if I’m angry and need to yell and scream and just let it out, I’ll listen to an upbeat song, like “DONE.” by The Band Perry. I can dance around my room, singing into a hairbrush and waving at the “audience” and forget all my troubles.

song animated GIF

Pick-Me-Up #2: Write a letter to the person you’re mad at, or sad at, or just to someone who would understand. Or just write it down. I did this once, when I was mad at my parents and my sister. I just sat down at the computer and typed up angry letters to them. They were sarcastic and mean, but it made me feel better. WARNING: Do not show these people the letters you wrote to them, unless they are not mean. (But I’m guessing they will be.)

black and white animated GIF

Pick-Me-Up #3: Read a book. Maybe this should be #1, but whatever. When I’m sad, it’s easy to get lost in a whole other world where anything can happen, and you only have to worry about the characters’ problems. And you can pretend you live in that fantasy world, which is loads of fun. I do that anyway though…

stephen colbert animated GIF

Pick-Me-Up #4: Talk to a friend. It doesn’t even have to be talking. Emailing, texting, IM-ing, they all count, too. And if your friends aren’t accessible at the moment, make up friends to talk to. You may think it’s childish, but it’s tons of fun. Make up a character in your head. If it helps, write it down or draw the character. The character should be a person (or animal) you’d want to be friends with, someone understanding, kind, friendly, etc. Someone you can connect with. Give them a name and picture them in your head. Then sit down at your computer or just a table with some paper and a pencil and pretend you’re talking to this character. Write down what you want to tell them (i.e. “My sister is being such a brat lately. I can’t take it anymore!”) and then write down what your character would say in response. And just like that, you’re giving yourself advice.

I did this when I was younger. I made up a character named Kitty that I “talked” to on my computer whenever I had a problem or just needed a friend. It was like having an imaginary friend, except in a computer.

megan fox animated GIF

Pick-Me-Up #5: EAT CHOCOLATE!!! Will always make you feel better.

eating animated GIF

BONUS Pick-Me-Up: Hug a minion. If you can find one. Or dress up as a minion and hug yourself. <3

hug animated GIF

Hope these work–I mean, of course these will work. [Ha-ha.]

Lots of love and minion hugs,






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