Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Isa13na! (Her blog: Thank you, Isa. So, here are 11 things about me:

1. I play violin, and hope to also do voice and piano.

2. I am, as you may already know, a total feminist. I will rant forever and ever and ever! But just because I’m a feminist doesn’t mean I’m anti-male. Sexism is a problem for both genders. Saying, “ladies first” is actually sexist to both women and men. It implies that women are dainty and should be aided before men, who are stereotypically portrayed as macho and tough.

3. I could spend hours looking up words in the dictionary. I love words! In Spanish, when we had to do a bunch of translating, I loved it. I could flip through the lovely pages forever.

4. I’m not super girly. But I also am. I wear faux leather jackets, but I love dressing up in supercute clothing when I can.

5. Writing is my life. “I live to write and write to live.”

6. I also love to read. I found this online: Carpe librum. I say carpe diem in a lot of my posts, which means “seize the day.” Carpe librum means “seize the book.” It’s fabulous.

7. Cupcakes are my all-time favorite dessert. They are tres chic, and ultra-delish!

8. I am obsessed with Paris, even though I’ve never been. I also say a bunch of stuff in French–the most beautiful and romantic language ever. (Although I really want to learn Latin in high school.)

9. Some of my favorite quotes are:


10. As you can see from above, I love Taylor Swift. She is such a role model to me. Her songs are so inspiring and have helped me when I’m down.

11. Last, but not least by far: I love my friends so much. they shape me, guide me, and help me become who I am. They are part of my identity. First my totally beyond awesome girlfriends Misa, Andrea, Lina, Henriette, Ellah, Frankie, Ericka, Trinity…you mean so much to me. And Justin, the most math-y person I’ve ever met, keep shining. And to Leo, my best friend ever, thank you for making my days sunnier and listening to me talk. I love you guys and girls so much, and you make my days better and better.

Now, the 11 questions Isa made for moi:

1) Listen to the Harry Potter theme song (Hedwig’s Theme) the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit theme (The Shire) and the Star Wars theme song. Which do like best?

OMG, I love the Harry Potter theme song, hands down. I am such a nerd about Harry Potter!

2) What is your favorite book?

Aside from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Heroes of Olympus? I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. It should be required reading!

3) If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

Paris. I love Paris.

4) Favorite Piece of Clothing?

My faux leather jacket.

5) Favorite Animal?


6) What fictional character would you have for a best friend?

Hermione. She gets me. And we both have boy BFFs!

7) Mechanical Pencil, Regular Pencil, Pen or Quill? :)

Well, I use mechanical pencils on a daily basis and love them dearly, but quills are so wonderfully magical. I do prefer sugar quills, though… :)

8) Pick a time in history you would like to visit. Where and why would you go?

The creation of the universe, so I could see how it happened! Or early 1900’s, with awesome typewriters.

9) Cookies or Cupcakes?


10) What traffic sign is your favorite and why? (I know it’s a weird one, but answer it)

Ummm… This is a weird one… I guess I like ones with the animal crossing stuff. Or school signs.

11) Any advice for the people of the world?

The most important advice to always remember: be yourself, be true to yourself, and always stand up for what you believe in.

My nominee is…

Sam from Young Writers Café

I know, I’m breaking the rules, but she’s, like, the only person I follow. Sorry, if I’m disqualified or whatever, but honestly I don’t know any other blogs. But she’s awesome!

Here are my 11 questions for her:

1. What five fictional characters in books would you want to meet?

2. Fav. Song

3. Fav. Animal

4. Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

5. Car or bike?

6. Fav. Color

7. Are you a feminist?

8. Gold or silver?

9. Egypt or Greece?

10. What is your lucky (or fav.) number?

11. What advice do you have for future generations?

That’s all. :)

Thank you, Isa, for nominating me.





4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Ha ha, excellent! You are welcome.
    Yeah, I’m sorry for the weird one, but I couldn’t think of anything else. :P
    I know what you mean by girly. I just am neither one or the other.

  2. Go voice and piano! I do both! Go kitties! And Hermione! And mechanical pencils! And the wish that I had a quill! I’m going to have to say cookies instead of cupcakes, though.

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