Ideas From Emily

I just spent the past maybe twenty minutes browsing The Loony Teen Writer, which is a wonderful blog. Emily (the blogger/loony teen/psycho) has an amazing voice. It’s so real. She reviews, posts tips, does memes (LOTS of memes) and GIFs (LOTS of GIFs), and rates with Wonderkitties! Sooo, I got some inspiration from her, all the way from coming up with book ideas while doing the washing (Wouldn’t that be awesome, to come up with an idea for a novel while doing the washing? And then when you’re famous, people ask you where you came up with the idea, you can say, “While doing the washing.”) to what book covers to frame and put on the wall.

I mean, the girl is like, freaking awesome!!!

This post is Ideas From Emily.

Top Five Things I’d Like to See More of in YA/MG Fiction:

1. Female protagonists. I am so tired of male protagonists. They are everywhere. I want to see headstrong, intelligent female characters that save the day. And that aren’t scantily-clad and only doing it because their boyfriend told them to.

buffy the vampire slayer animated GIF

2. Interesting settings. How about a rainforest? Or in Big Ben? Or one room? It seems like all the places for books are America or UK, or somewhere equally developed. What about third-world countries? What about a small island that’s too small to be seen on the map in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

art animated GIF

3. Parallel worlds. That’s what I like about Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Their worlds are parallel to a completely normal one. It’s what makes it believable.

percy jackson animated GIF

4. Talking animals as main characters. Personally, I think talking animals are just adorable. So why not a book about them? Tres adorable.

dog animated GIF

See? Cute!

5. Fighting in ordinary–or gorgeous– clothing. It seems like whenever a character is going to be in a fight, poof!, they have their armor and sword and shield and freaking flying shoes. Why not fighting in, like, a t-shirt and jeans? Or a ball gown? With only a silver spoon and gold plate to defend yourself with? IDEA!

selena gomez animated GIF

Thank you, Emily, for giving me the idea!

Carpe librum,



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