Theater Production of Bookish Things!

*curtains open*

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the theater production of Bookish Things!

applause animated GIF

All things bookish will be shown.

Act 1: Now, please welcome our first act, the cats you love, Kitty Corners.

cat animated GIF

cat animated GIF

Cheezburger animated GIF

cat animated GIF

Aren’t they adorable?

Act 2: Give a warm welcome to the nerdy girls we know and love, Page Perfect!

These girls just can’t put a good book down.

Act 3: Here come the books! Some famous titles you might recognize are here in person. (Autographs will be after the show.)

Hopefully you know some of these…

Act 4: Our second-to-last act will be words of wisdom from around the world.

Nice sayings, huh?

Act 5: Meet some world-renowned authors. (They don’t have time for autographs; they’re too busy.)

harry potter animated GIF

really animated GIF

funny animated GIF

I was just informed that autographs will be in the closest library. :)

I hope you enjoyed all of our wonderful acts, guests, and…other stuff. A round of applause, please!

applause animated GIF

*curtains close*





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