Top Ten Tuesday and Other Random Stuff

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I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for not posting for almost forever. Forgive me!

In spirit of an amazing comment I received recently on my blog, today’s Top Ten Tuesday is ten of my favorite comments. let’s begin.

1. Why did you have to add the witch???? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? I’m going to get nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Misa

2. Love these quotes. Writing IS so hard, to do it well anyway. Especially since writing the novel is just the beginning. Thanks for the encouragement :) -sjoycarlson

3. Yeah, if I say “just a couple…” I mean reading for the rest of the day. I like entangling myself in the world of fantasy, or in a character’s situation. I often find that if I draw fanart when I’m bored, it’s because I am still lost in the book. -isa13na

4. And… thats why I like hanging out with boys too. No drama whatsoever. -Jeyna Grace

5. Hi Chloe!
Thanks you for stopping by my blog and Happy Women’s day! I have heard of I am Malala and it sounds really neat. My mom owns a copy. I think I will check it out! -Sam

6. I have finally caught up on your posts. Congratulations on the Steinbeck competition! I would love to know more specifically what you wrote about.
And I know I am old fashioned but I liked your Event and Weather updates. They gave me a sense of what was going on around you while you wrote, what made an impression on you, maybe influenced your writing.
Have started reading your novel. So impressive. Such self-confidence you have putting it out there for the world to read. -Camille


I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I myself used to be like that, but now, I’m crazy and I’m not afraid to show it! I still have trouble with it at dances, however. I want to just bust out some dance moves, but I’m embarrassed that someone will see me, so I don’t unless a lot of other people are dancing.

I’m kind of surprised there was only one entry, I would’ve thought that someone else would have entered by now. . . . Oh well.


8. This story is awesome! You’re a good writer. But poor Rasa, I really liked her. Why must you kill her? D:
I like Silas though. I totally ship Nakas or Sima.
This is Tara by the way. -_You_

9. Falia just SEEMS right. Lets, see, maybe, she’s like a guidance? Like a guardian angel for Nakoma, but one where Nakoma has to EARN her help. That’s all I’ve really got, though. And, for constructive criticism, probably just, try to work on your chapter endings, most of them are pretty good, but some of them are a little TOO abrupt, and some has loose endings, like, it seems that the endings aren’t completely tied up, if you know what I’m saying? Very good, though, very good. -Jenna

And now for ten…..

10. Thank you for including Glory! I do not like “preachy” books and I worked hard not to make this all about learning a lesson. Having you note that this worked for you really makes me very happy. -Augusta Scattergood

DO YOU SEE THAT??? A real, live, published author I love has commented!!!!!

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I also finished reading a crazy awesome, totally inspirational book by Anne Lamott called Bird by Bird, and I swear it has changed my life. It’s a guide to writing, a bit mature, and the best book ever! Read it. Now.

I’ll say more on it later.

Carpe librum!

Totally crazed,



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday and Other Random Stuff

  1. Wow! Thanks for including my comment. That totally made my day. Congrats on the author comment! Woohoo!
    Also, I have been going around to my fabulous followers’ blogs and letting them know that I have moved my blog to a new location! You can now find it at There’s a post on YWC explaining what’s going on. Just wanted to let you know!
    Also, I am so glad you liked Bird by Bird! I know a bunch of my writer friends have loved it so I might have to check it out.

  2. Ha ha, I love the last GIF.
    Thank you for including my comment! I feel honored. :)
    By the way, I have a question: How did you name your character Nakoma? If it’s in the story, I’m sorry I didn’t get to that part yet, but I am still reading it. :)
    Just curiosity.

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