Our Whiskered Friends

cat animated GIF

Yes! You guessed it; this post is all about the kitties in literature/movies/life/general. First of all, let me mention, kitties are my favorite animals, from kittens to lions. They are in my list of top-ten things you need in life (which I so did not just create right now; pshh). I have a kitty myself. Her name is Mattie, but I call her Mattipuss, Mattio, Matts, Matilda (her real name), sweetie…and I can only think of those right now!

Let’s kick off this kitty post with kitties in books/movies, aka the famous kitties.

1. cat animated GIF

CROOKSHANKS!!! That ugly, sweet, did I mention ugly? cat.

2. cat animated GIF

Mrs. Norris, the watchcat. Filch’s only companion.

3. movie animated GIF

The tiger from Life of Pi…Does it have a name? (I’ve never watched/read it.) If you know, I’d love to find out. Post in the comments below.

That’s all I know. Know anymore famous kitty faces? Post in comments belooow.

Here are some kitty quotes:

From the most hilarious cat on Earth…
Grumpy cat must be done.
I G2G. Love kitties and hug them!
C (for cat…)



3 thoughts on “Our Whiskered Friends

  1. I LOVE GRUMPY CAT! He is just so adorable.
    In the movie, the tiger in Life of Pi is named Richard Parker, because the names of the person who caught him and the actual name of the tiger got mixed up on the documents. I don’t know if that’s true in the book though. I need to read it.

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