Individuality, Identity, and Culture

Who are you? What is your identity? Is your name your identity? Your race? Culture? Or is your identity through something else, like acting or writing? Today’s blog post is about who I am, who you are, and who the people of the world are as a whole. Please comment below about your identity, too.

My name identifies me. Chloe means “blossoming” and I think this is very fitting for me. I am a young writer, blossoming into a bigger person, blogger, and writer, and I’m always learning how to be better. When I look in the mirror, I don’t think that my name doesn’t fit me, because I know that if I had the choice, I wouldn’t change it.

Writing definitely identifies me. I identify myself as a writer. But it’s how I write that identifies me, too. I tend to describe my characters fully so the reader can picture them easily. I also have lots of dialogue, some funny. I try to have light humor in my stories, because I love to laugh. 98% of the time I have perfect grammar and spelling.

America’s identity and image is not very good. I am, actually, ashamed of my country’s reputation. We have invaded, conquered, enslaved, and objectified, to name a few. “American food” is junk food, like hamburgers, soda, and French fries (although aren’t those French…?). We had slaves from Africa that were treated harshly. We conquered native Hawaiians. We have invaded countries for almost no reason. We objectified, and are objectifying, women. And when other countries need help, we do not aid them because there is “nothing” in it for us. It disgusts me!

As a world, we are diverse. But we need to work together to save our planet; we are killing it now.

climate change animated GIF

How do you want to be seen? Do you think your rep is worse than you want it to be? Or are you on track? I want to hear your thoughts!



Comment, maybe? :)

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