STOP the Unhappy Songs and START the Happy Ones!

My boyfriend broke up with me

I’m sad and lonely

I’ll never be myself again

Life is so unfair

I hate everything

Why are you so mean?

My mom doesn’t understand

Neither does my brother


That’s how most songs go these days, whether it’s about a divorce or how no one notices you. Why can’t we sing about something happy? That’s why I love “Happy” by Pharrell Williams–it’s a happy song!

I scoured the internet for some quotes about being happy, and here is a collage of my favorite ones:


So, America, and other countries, start singing about HAPPY things!

What makes you happy? Tell me in the comments below.





4 thoughts on “STOP the Unhappy Songs and START the Happy Ones!

  1. Things that make me happy: cracking open the spine of a new book, chocolate melting in my mouth, a cup of hot chocolate warming my hands right after I get inside from playing in the snow during the winter, the lively, laugh-out-loud discussions that my friends and I have, a series of really good grades, blowing my PR out of the water in a running race, the sound of my keyboard as I type, the smell of dew-covered grass in the morning, and so many other things. The list could go on and on.

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