The Meaning of Life in 2014

I’ve been thinking some lately about current events and ideas that are being introduced and focused on more in this year and generation than in past times. People are realizing that cancer is a big threat, that girls need education, too, that we need to seize the day, because YOLO!, and for me, it’s a huge…awakening, of sorts, that we’re finally realizing important things. I think the world is getting more into telling the truth about life, and social media is really helping that. Our world is growing bigger and bigger, and global warming is increasing, and more technology is being developed every day, and everyone is more obsessed with stuff, and sometimes we just need to settle down and stop. I’m going off on other strings, I know, but I feel that it’s all connected.

With growing technology and discoveries, there’s also more risks such as cancer from cell phones, poverty, and global warming. People are finally realizing the risks, and although it’s depressing, it gives me hope that we’ll find solutions. It seems like people were so oblivious in the past, and now that we’re in 2014 it’s, Woah!, we need to address this!

YOLO. Carpe diem. We hear these sayings daily, but what do they really mean? #YOLOswag ruins the meaning of YOLO: You Only Live Once. We don’t stop to think about what these words mean. Carpe diem: Seize the day. It’s all about living in the moment, cherishing what you have, taking risks, having fun. Our age has brought this out of the darkness.

love animated GIF

Our generation is much more knowledgeable and creative and imaginative than the ones before us. We’re thinking of ways to turn ocean waves into power, roadways into solar energy, make better wind turbines, and so much more. It’s amazing really.

So how does this all connect, anyway? Cancer, seize the day, wind turbines…? Are you lost? We’re all connected. We have to find ways to live in the moment and stop global warming–one selfie and solar panel at a time.

Think about it.




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