Happy Summer


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Today was my last day of school. It was great to finally be done with stress, and projects, and grades. A weight off my shoulders! But I love school and seeing my friends, so it was a little sad to leave. One of my friends was crying! I’m seeing one (or two) of my friends tomorrow to watch “Maleficent”; I can’t wait. I also pulled off good grades, and even managed an A in PE. (I usually get a B or B+.) I got a B+ in Humanities (aka History or Social Studies), though… Ah, well. I passed! Which wasn’t surprising, because I’m a very good student. :P

My To-Do List For This Summer:

  1. Finish Nakoma.
  2. Submit a story to a magazine.
  3. Read tons.
  4. Experiment with henna.
  5. Read Malala Yousafzai’s latest book.
  6. Read The Fault in Our Stars (I know, I should’ve already).
  7. Watch “The Fault in Our Stars”.
  8. Buy those cute rings I saw.
  9. Call/email/hang out with my friends.
  10. Keep blogging.
  11. BONUS: Start another novel.

There you have it. My summer to-do list. Which hopefully I “will-do.” (See what I did there? Huh?)

I’m looking forward to…


…visiting with relatives…


…shopping (squee!!!)…



…and daydreaming! Because, obviously, I’ll have TONS of free time.

In The New Yorker, a magazine my family gets, there is an article about John Green! When my dad showed me it, I was like, OMG! Because:

a) I’m totally dying to read his latest book

b) I can’t wait to see the movie


c) his brother sings Wizard rock!

How awesome can you get, Mr. Green?! It’s like he’s this awesome “magnet” and so full of creativity and coolness and… I feel stupid because I haven’t read his book yet and I barely know who he is, and I’m raving about him! C’est la vie. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from ze article:

Green told me that he had been prone to “obsessive thought spirals for as long as I could remember”–but he’d had good therapy, starting when he was a teen-ager, and felt that his emotions were “fairly well managed.” Besides, “from a novelist’s perspective, the ability to cycle through all the possibilities and choose the worst is very helpful.”

The article was written by Margaret Talbot…she sounds familiar; why? She sounds like the woman who wrote A Wrinkle In Time. Let me google it… It came up and…oh, Madeleine L’Engle wrote it.

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Anyway, speaking of John Green, I forgot to mention another great things about summer: Esther Day! Want to know about it? Read.

Esther Day is a holiday on August 3, commemorating Nerdfighter Esther Earl’s birthday. It is celebrated to remind Nerdfighters to vocalize their love for friends and family. It is a celebration of love, specifically non-romantic love, and involves nerdfighters telling friends, family members and others that they love them.

Nerdfighter Esther Earl died of thyroid cancer in 2010. Before her passing, John spoke with Esther and proposed that he and Hank would like to continue to celebrate her birthday for as long as vlogbrothers continued. The love theme was requested by Esther when told that the day could be about anything she chose.

From this source: http://nerdfighteria.info/entry/1103

To wrap up, happy summer and I love y’all to death. Keep on reading, commenting (ahem), and following (ahemx2).

“In summerrrrrrrr!” -Olaf, from Frozen

Best wishes,




2 thoughts on “Happy Summer

  1. You’re out of school?! I still need another week!
    By the way, that’s an awesome to do list. I will be swimming, reading, drawing, and more… IN SUMMER!!!

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