The Best Day Ever

Today is one of my top-ten days! Why? I bought The Fault in Our Stars, watched “Maleficent”, downloaded an e-book, saw friends, and curled my hair (which may sound un-fun but really is). Obviously, today ruled.

First off, The Fault in Our Stars is by far one of the best books. Apparently one of my friends was a mess after she read it, and the people coming out of theater were pretty emotional… I don’t know if I’ll cry, though; I tend to keep my feelings inside and I’ve never cried when reading a book or watching a movie, –spoiler alert!– not even when Dobby died! So, if it does make me cry, it’s got to be good.

I also got another book today, except it was before TFIOS. I follow Jeyna Grace’s blog, and on it we could download her latest book, Battle of Oz: Exitium for free! I was like, OMG!!!

shocked animated GIF

Anyway, it’s a fantastic read with beautiful illustrations. Now I have too much to read!

I. Finally. Saw. “Maleficent”!!! And it’s just as great as it seems–even better! (I am using tons of exclamation points!) I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s this one scene where Maleficent is battling this guy that wants her killed and they fall off a tower, just like in “Harry Potter”! It was so funny. And one of the fairies is played by the woman that plays Professor Umbridge. And the fairy wears pink. Coincidence or what?! And I saw two friends at the movie. Squee!

And, like I said, I curled my hair. (I’d show you the selfie I took, but then you’d know who I am.)

I’ve been watching a lot of X Factor auditions lately. I’m totally doing that because I need to study their British accents for writing and their…hair and clothes and stuff for my writing. Not really. My guilty pleasure… Sorry.

Comment, follow, like–it’s all good!

Carpe librum,






4 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever

  1. “And, like I said, I curled my hair. (I’d show you the selfie I took, but then you’d know who I am.” wait, people cant know who you are?? But I know???

  2. ohhhh, that makes sense. Because for a second I thought it was some mystery account, and I got a little confused….. also I was wondering……. should I start a blog?

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