Top Ten…Wednesday? PLUS: Tear-Jerker Movie Review!

Sorry; I missed Top Ten Tuesday, so pretend it’s Tuesday. Or if you’re in a different time zone and it is Tuesday, then you’re fine. Now, I present to you, ladies and gentleman, TOP TEN TUESDAY! *clapping*

My Top Ten Favorite Authors and ONE Book/Series They Wrote:

NOTE: This excludes J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, who are my default favorite authors. Also, the list is arranged so that number one is my absolute favorite.

10. Piper Banks – Geek High

9. Sheila Turnage – Three Times Lucky

8. Michael Buckley – The Sisters Grimm series

7. Veronica Roth – Divergent trilogy

6. Maile Meloy – The Apothecary

5. Anne Lamott – Bird by Bird

4. Cassandra Clare – The Mortal Instruments series

3. Tamora Pierce – Melting Stones (just one of her many books and the one I read recently)

2. Marissa Meyer – The Lunar Chronicles series

1. John Green – The Fault in Our Stars

That was TTT. Or TTW, I guess. Hehe.

Warning: TFIOS Spoilers Below!


excited animated GIF

It. Was. So. Good. I cried a bit… Anyway, the real review.

Title: The Fault in Our Stars

Main Characters/Actors: Hazel/Shailene Woodley, Augustus/Ansel Elgort

Synopsis: Hazel is a teen with cancer. Her mother forces her to go to Support Group, where she meets Augustus Waters. They form a relationship made on An Imperial Affliction, Hazel’s favorite book, late-night phone calls, and Gus’s love. They have adventures, from a Dutch picnic to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, who wrote An Imperial Affliction. Then a sudden change in Augustus’s health changes things for the worse. Read the book/watch the movie to find out what happens!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Dislikes: They took out scenes! And changed the famous egg line. WHY???

The people in front of us were:

crying animated GIF

While my dad and I were:

sad animated GIF

Have you seen TFIOS? What did you think? Tell me in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Top Ten…Wednesday? PLUS: Tear-Jerker Movie Review!

  1. I have not seen it yet…but I do wonder how much of the excitement and ‘pure raw emotion’ is…hype. Yes, it was sad. No, I did not have a breakdown in seventh period…*cough* other classmate *cough*

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