All About Following

Well, I hope by now you’ve read the tenth chapter of Nakoma. If you haven’t, read it now. Go. I’ll wait for you. Seriously, go! And if you haven’ read Nakoma at all, read it! Now. Don’t you get it? I mean now, as in right now. You still here? Better have a good reason. Go read, now. I’m waiting.

bored animated GIF

You read it? Good.

Guess how many followers I have. Guess. Got a guess? Okay. Seventeen! Please, friends, family, readers–all of you, follow me! I promise it won’t send you spam. If you have a blog, you know the feeling of getting a follower. It’s like, YAY!!!! I want to know I have readers.

Here is a poll. All you have to do is choose an option (whether you have followed or not). Easy!

I’m working on Nakoma.





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