Top Ten Fictional Boys

It’s Top Ten Tuesday. I just can’t miss it, can I? I’ve passed 30,000 words on Nakoma, so why not blog? I’ll do it as much as possible.

Today’s TTT is all about fangirling.

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Have we all not fangirled (or fanboyed) at one time or another over the flawless boys in books? So today’s TTT is my personal list of ten fictional boys. Whether they’re perfect for a boyfriend or best friend, these guys totally rock.

1.  Harry Potter. This one’s kind of obvious: he defeated Voldemort twice, has an amazing invisibility cloak, and, to top it off, is not bad looking. I think he would be a super fun best friend or boyfriend. But, he and Ginny are a thing, so best friend it is.

2.  Ron Weasley. He’s really funny and plays quidditch. But I think he’d be a better best friend, personally…

3.  Percy Jackson. Can be a bit of a seaweed brain at times, but is still lovable and all-powerful, being the son of the sea god and all. Better best friend or ally.

4.  Leo Valdez. Scrawny, but cute, and can shoot fireballs from his hands. Boyfriend all the way!

5.  Simon Lewis. Quirky, but very romantic toward Clary. Best friend, because he can save my butt.

6.  Augustus Waters; need I say more?

7.  Alex from Delirium. Waaait. They made a movie??? OMG! Ahem. He’s a rebel/bad boy.

Okay, I kind of ran out, so…send me your top three to make up for it! Post in the comments below.





5 thoughts on “Top Ten Fictional Boys

  1. I totally agree with Percy, but I might have three others to add.
    Heath Luck from the House of Night novels. He is so sweet, he may be sort of an idiot sometimes, but he is the sweetest guy you’ll find. Boyfriend, probably.
    James Stark from the House of Night novels. Funny, tough, and awesome. Boyfriend, but best friend is awesome too.
    Aiden St. Delphi from the Covenant novels. He’s sweet, cool and tough. Very serious at first, but funny later on.

  2. Hmm… I really like Sam from Interrupted by Rachel Coker. He’s sweet and funny, he would make a GREAT best friend.
    Then there’s Jesse Tuck from Tuck Everlasting. He’s single because Winnie totally just left him X-( (still haven’t got over that…) so he’d make a nice boyfriend.
    One more… Gilbert Blythe of course!! Who doesn’t love him? <3 <3 :)

  3. I only have one guy. It’s a relatively old book, and you might not know of it, but it’s one of my favorite books all time. It’s ‘My Girl’, by Patricia Hermes. I recommend you read it, you won’t regret it (except for maybe the weird parts…. like the beginning, but STILL AN AMAING BOOK!!!!). So, I am ‘nominating’ Thomas J. Yes, he is the smallest and weakest kid in the whole grade. And, yes, he is allergic to almost Everything. But, he is the sweetest, funniest, most relatable character I’ve have ever read about. Go Thomas J!!!! ( though I won’t give anything away, it’s a heartbreaking book, so, beware, but please….. if your ever going to read again, READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!)

    P.S: Sorry for the suuuppppeeeerrrrr long post!

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