Some Notes About Comments and How J.K. Rowling Tricked Us All

Contrary to the title, I will be talking about J.K. Rowling’s greatest trick yet in the Harry Potter series. [If you have not read the Harry Potter books, I suggest that you do not read this part of the post and skip down to the second part about comments.] I assume you are aware, or at least partially aware, of the Hogwarts motto: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.

What do you think it means in English? Before I knew the actual translation, I thought it was something about learning, or teaching, or how young witches and wizards are so important, or something relevant and meaningful like that. I never really thought about it, though, until I got my Hogwarts shirt about two weeks ago.

I know it's not a good picture!

I know it’s not a good picture!

Once I had bought it, I thought, What in the world does this mean? So I entered it into Google Translate, and the translation is: Never tickle a sleeping dragon. I thought it was wrong, so I then proceeded to go on Wikipedia and various Harry Potter sites to find the correct translation. They all said the same thing: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

And that, my good readers, is how J.K. Rowling tricked us all (unless, of course, you expected that, but I highly doubt it).

Now onto my next topic: comments (I am using colons a lot! Just realized that…). I love comments; they make me happy! In fact, when I get a ton of emails, and I see a lot of them are comments, I’m happy. I’m sure other bloggers can relate.

A lot of the time, I will not respond to comments on my blog, unless they are a question. Just know that I am not ignoring you, or I don’t care. I usually either do not have time (i.e., I have to write) or I don’t find a need to. Feel free to respond to others’ comments if you’d like to share their excitement or answer their question.

I just wanted to clear that up, in case anyone felt hurt or something. Just remember that comments make me smile, and they don’t take too long to write (especially if you’re a WordPress member!). So if you’d like to comment, great! And if you don’t, comment anyway. :P

[Random Note About Me: I really don’t like goats! One time when I was really little I pet a goat, but it ate the rind off my finger and bit me, too. I am now thoroughly traumatized.]

Today is Friday! Which means it’s the end of the school week for those in school, and it’s the day I post on both of my blogs. So that means today is a poll. This Friday’s poll is about commenting. I mean, how fitting, right? [I was considering doing something about Harry Potter, but then there are the non-Potterheads, so…]

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it and did the poll. Did you know about the Hogwarts motto? If so, how did you find out and how did you react? And if not, how did you react during this post? Tell me in the comments below (remember, comments make me happy!!!).

Carpe diem!

Have a good day/night/afternoon/morning,



3 thoughts on “Some Notes About Comments and How J.K. Rowling Tricked Us All

  1. I knew it meant that! I found it on some website, and I think “J.K. Rowling, of all things…” but it’s nice anyways.
    I have the same feeling with comments! It’s so exciting, I love it! It’s good to be busy and to see the people who appreciate your blog!

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