Happy Esther Day!

Happy Esther Day 2014!!!

Esther Day is named after the late Esther Earl, a girl who celebrated life and lived it to its fullest, even though she had cancer. It is a day to say “I love you” your friends and family. [Click the image above to go to a more complex definition.]

We all don’t say “I love you” enough to friends and family. Family, is, after all, family, and you are stuck with their genes. But take the time today to tell your family that you love them, even when they’re weird and unfair and boring. And friends don’t get enough appreciation. They are like your family, but better, because you choose them. And they’re there for you when your sad, they laugh with you, they share memories with you–don’t you think they deserve three simple words?

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable saying “I love you” in words, you can always write it down, draw a picture, get an image online, text them, call them–there are a million ways to show your friends and family you care for them. More ideas:

  • make a sign
  • write a song
  • give them a card (that you made!!!)
  • write a story
  • whisper
  • email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram (that’s what I’m using)
  • write it down and put it in a book they’re reading

I hope you participate! I think it’s a really great and important holiday. Also, there’s a book about Esther Earl called This Star Won’t Go Out. It’s very interesting, and I totally recommend it.

Just to let you know, school starts in three days for me! Whoa! So I will be very busy and my schedule might change for the school year; I know I’ll be super busy this year. Just wanted to tell you. :)

I love you,



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