The Introverted Me

I just realized today that I’m actually pretty introverted. I always thought the opposite, that I’m outgoing and such, but today I realized I’m not. I don’t raise my hand in class; I feel like an outsider a lot; I find myself more in books and online friends than in real life.

black and white animated GIF

Online a lot of writers say they are shy and introverted, and I thought I was the special outgoing writer. Haha. Not so much. I guess it’s not a bad thing…

Yup. That’s it, for Friday. Poll time! So I was thinking about doing an ebook VS real book debate, talking about the traditional aspect (smells, touch, etc.) and the ecological part, how trees are being chopped down and such. Bloggers could email me their opinions and I would post them as a debate. This poll is whether or not you think this is a good idea.

Remember to vote; I have a little over 20 followers, so I expect many to vote.

Hakuna matata,



One thought on “The Introverted Me

  1. Don’t worry! Introverted is not a bad thing. You eventually get used enough to people, and are able to speak. I used to be shy and quiet, but recently, I feel like I can’t shut my mouth. I think people can stand out whatever their personality is like.

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