Fangirling on Friday While I’m Home Sick PLUS a Poll About My Novel!

Yes, you read it. I am sick. Bleh. And I’m missing school, which is not fun at all! But I have my kitty at my feet and my computer in my lap, so I’ll live another day. Probably. Just kidding. Anyway, I’ve decided to make every Friday not only a day where I post on both blogs AND have a poll on each one, a day to fangirl. Because who doesn’t like a little time to flip out about your OTPs, fandoms, and the supercute fangirl clothing? In honor of this being my first Fangirling on Friday, today’s fandom is all abut my first–Harry Potter. And, because of my current clothing obsession, it will be all about the clothing and accessories people have made in honor of Harry Potter.

I went to Pinterest and collected some of my faves. Take a look!

My first accessory is a cute pair of earrings for Quidditch fans:

Golden Snitch Earrings, $4.10

I mean, really, how spectacular are these?! I would totally wear them every day!

Accio Fashion! New Harry Potter Clothing Line Debuts - Mindhut - SparkNotes

I could definitely rock these every day of my life! Will some kind soul buy them for me?

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Simply cute.

Okay, two more!

Harry Potter Hand Painted Toms SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR ME @Krissy Mummert Holton uh you need to get on these!!

The coolest shoes ever!!! Must. Have. These.

Potter Journey Mash Up.  Sing it!!! @Mandy Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Knight Goldin

Just, OMG. OMG! Love this.

Which of this clothing is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

I mentioned a poll above, so I give you…the “How should I end my novel?” poll. [Because I tend to live in the future.] The endings are based off of other writers. Please vote!

Have a great day, night, whatever, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love you! Bye!









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