Why Barns Are Red, Social Media Book Tag, and a Story Starter/Finisher

Hey peeps it’s Saturday and I have some random stuff to share with you…

First, a really interesting video answering a bunch of questions you probably have never thought about. Or maybe you have! And, it’s also by Hank Green. How cool is that?

Next, a tag I saw on Christine the booktuber’s channel, polandbananasbooks (haha, Emily, I saw it before youuu!). I present you, the Social Media Book Tag!

Twitter: What is your favorite short book?

I am going to have to look at my shelf for that one… Ah, here we go, an old favorite. The Summer Before Boys by Nora Raleigh Baskin, a 196-page MG contemporary.

Facebook: A book you were pressured into reading.

I don’t know… OMG!!! I totally forgot. I am so dumb sometimes. Harry Potter!!! Crazy, right? You probably thought I have been fangirling about it since birth. My mom pressured me into reading it, starting in maybe first grade even, and I got around to it in third grade. I can be stubborn… XD

Tumblr: A book you read before it was cool.

See, I don’t know about this one. Harry Potter was written before I was born, so sor-ray! I was a bit late in Percy Jackson. Also TFIOS, Divergent, The Hunger Games… Yeah. Ooh, ooh! There wasn’t much hype when I read Cinder. Or Dork Diaries (don’t judge me!). So, yeah. Those.

Myspace: A book you don’t associate yourself with anymore.

I don’t know. As they say, once a fangirl, always a fangirl. [Haha!!! Yeah, I’m psycho.] I mean, even books I haven’t read in decades, like Nancy Drew and The Magic Tree House I still say, “Oh, I remember those!” and being acting like a huge fangirl and being all nostalgic. I feel like if you’re ashamed of a book, or just are like, “Oh, I totally didn’t read that,” you’re being fake or something. And I don’t like fake.

Instagram: A book you want to model with at all times.

I love looooots of books, so, maybe…all of them? Haha, no. I’d say Harry Potter, because I’m such a fangirl, even though it ended a while ago. And I do love the art. That, or the Lunar Chronicles, because I love those too, and the covers are pretty!

YouTube: A book you want to see turned into a movie.

Oh yes yes yes!!! I think about this all the time. It’s a series, actually. The Heroes of Olympus. If they do a good job on them, instead of the PJO movies. Those were absolutely devastatingly horrid.

Goodreads: A book you recommend to everyone.

I’m not going to choose a super popular, super hyped book, because what’s the fun in that? So I’m choosing The Apothecary by Maile Meloy (it’s her real name!). It is funny, and about alchemy, so science with magic. It’s super cool!

That was the end of the book tag; Christine’s video is here.

I really wanted to post about writing, and what it does for me, so…here it is.

Writing lets me forget everything wrong in my life. Even when I read, the thoughts and emotions still lurk in the back of my mind and I get distracted. But when I write, I just feel the characters. I feel their pain, not mine.

I recently wrote a scene in Nakoma about her practicing throwing her dagger, and although I had a lot going on in my life then, I was able to tune it all out and just write about the feeling of Nakoma arcing her arm back, and throwing the dagger, letting it sink into the tree. It was hypnotic.

Have a great rest of your day; I will leave you with this picture.

What a great way to start/end a story!



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