Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Hello there! Another week’s gone by, and I am tired. A lot has happened this week, and not just in the blogosphere.

  1. I started to [finally] feel the weight of projects and homework. At my school, we have this one period of about one to two weeks where we get a bunch of end-of-the-unit projects that count for a majority of a grade. As you can probably conclude from this statement, life at school gets a little hectic during this time. Not only did we have about a project per class [or more!], our teachers also decided to pile up the homework.
  2. We got new songs in my choir! As you may know, I am in a choir, and yesterday we just got new music! I am a soprano II. We are singing Christmas songs! In September! Which is crazy! In Carol of the Bells, the soprano II’s mostly sing “ding…dong…ding…dong…” over and over. Fun stuff. :) But I still love choir.
  3. I have concluded that I will probably get a new phone soon. Why? Because my phone sucks. It’s three years old. Its battery life is unbelievable. It hardly has any space. Need I say more? Hopefully I’ll get an iPhone 5c soon-ish. :D
  4. I am going to give The Hunger Games a second chance. I guess this is a bit bloggish, but whatever. Thanks to Engie and the Mockingjay Part 1 trailer, I am going to reread the books and catch up on the movies before Mockingjay Part 1 comes out. It’s my mission!
  5. I found out that I will be gone on October 7th. Which is just short of a tragedy. Or maybe it is a tragedy. Because I will be camping in a cabin in the woods with NO WiFi and NO heating and, worst of all, NO mail service to deliver my beautiful copy of The Blood of Olympus, which will be arriving that day. Which means I can’t read it, fangirl about it, or post about it. :'( So I will have to read and review and fangirl about it some days after. Which sucks.

That’s all that’s happened in my world. Now, let’s get to the bloggy stuff.

On Sunday, I talked to my characters and asked for help on a story for school.

On Monday, I shared my thoughts about Wicked.

On Tuesday, I posted the warnings I’d like to see on books.

On Wednesday, I decided to give The Hunger Games a second chance.

Here are six posts I loved from this week:

Here are some of my attempts to use Emily’s ideas for book space:

books1   books3


books2  books4

Clockwise, from top left. Books in the dryer [I mean, who needs dry clothes when you can have books?!], book in corner [When they’re bad; it’s not okay!], books in the toaster [Don’t toast them!], books on the floor [Floors are not made for walking on; they’re made for books! Duh.].

I’m not trying to steal Emily’s genius; I just wanted to try it for myself. :) I encourage you to, too! It’s really fun to take pictures of books in toasters. ;) Also, my cat and dog were not available at the time of this photo shoot, but if I get the chance, I *might* do pics with them, too.

No books were harmed in the making of this. Except when I dropped them. But they’re okay!

After this post, I will put up a review of The Book Thief, which I finished today. In science class. And I cried. And screamed. And my friends thought I was weird. ;) Oh, the joys of being bookish.

On another note, I’m still going strong on the 100-4-100! Is anyone else doing it? If so, how are you doing?

Stay on the lookout for a page with my Bucket List, a post about how to please a blogger, and ideas for a birthday party page!

What did you do this week? And since my poll-thingy is malfunctioning, which posting day was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below.


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