10 Simple Ways to Please a Book Blogger

I sometimes feel like we [bloggers] don’t get enough love. Or maybe it’s just me. But even when others read our posts and enjoy them [I do this, too, come times. :(], they don’t comment or like the post. So here are simple ways to please a book blogger, or any blogger in general. I just consider myself and the community I’m in to be book bloggers.

  1. Like the post. It’s not that hard! Yet it means so much to us. I recently passed 100 likes, and it felt great. If you don’t have time to comment, just click “like” and know that that might have made my day. :) It’s at the bottom of a post, and you just click the button. Ta-da!
  2. Comment on a post. This is also really easy, but can take longer, depending on the length of your comment. A simple “Great post!” or “What an interesting book,” will suffice. If a question is asked in the post, it can be nice to answer that, too. A lot of bloggers respond to comments. I respond sometimes [Sorry!], and mostly if it’s a question. But comments let bloggers know what readers think and encourage us to post more.
  3. Follow a blog! If you really love a blog, they will usually have a button or spot to put your email so you will get emails when a post is put up. This is a huge think for bloggers. “How many followers do you have?” “Fifty-three.” “Oh, cool, I have thirty-seven.” It tells us who is regularly reading our blog, even if they don’t like or comment. Following blogs is also a great way to promote your blog. A lot of bloggers will check out the person’s blog once they follow them. It’s really important to go on other blogs to make yours more well-known!
  4. Repost. Some bloggers don’t like this, but I don’t mind. If you really love a post, you can usually repost it on your blog. You should always check the blogger’s “About Me” page or “Policies” before you repost, because some find this unoriginal and unnecessary. If it doesn’t say anything, I’d say you’re in the clear.
  5. Share a post through social media. Lots of blogs have the option to share a post through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There should be a bunch of buttons at the bottom of a post with social media links to them. If a blogger has an account on the social media, it can be nice to add their account name  to it, too.
  6. Send them a message! Many blogs have a form to contact the blogger with. You just put in your name, email address, possibly some other information, and your message. It an be nice to just hear from a follower. I don’t have one of these, but others do.
  7. Email a post. This is also with the social media buttons. You can email a post to friends if you like it, too. It’s a great way to promote a blog. That is, if your friends even check their email.
  8. Feature them on your blog. If you’re another blogger, maybe older/more experienced, it can be a nice thing to talk about a smaller/newer blog or one of their posts you enjoyed. If you’re a smaller or newer blog, doing this for another, bigger blog, others can [possibly] find your blog through it. :)
  9. Just tell your friends! If you have other bookish friends, tell them about a blogger you like in person. Then you can talk about it, too!
  10. Become a blogger. This is the highest honor: become a blogger because of someone else’s blog. I know I did this, with Sam @ Bookish Serendipity, when her blog was Young Writers Café. That blogger will feel so proud to be an inspiration for someone else, and might even help you. I know Sam did, and she still does. :)

Do something nice for a blogger today, to let them know you like their blog. :) Or do each of these things! Now, there’s the ultimate kindness.


5 thoughts on “10 Simple Ways to Please a Book Blogger

  1. Hi Chloe its Ava! So I was thinking and I think you should do some kind of post for banned book week (September 21-27). My teacher has been talking about it a lot in class and I think it would be super awesome if you did a post about that. Thanks!

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