Camping, Reading, and Drinking Iced Tea

I’m camping right now. Amongst bugs. I’m probably reading a lot, maybe writing if my computer is charged enough. I’m also probably drinking lots of iced tea. You probably know by now that I love that stuff. I’m also probably not loving nature.

None animated GIF

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like nature. But…

  1. Bugs.
  2. Bears.
  3. No WiFi.
  4. Hiking.

So, yeah, I’m not crazy about nature.


And I will be in nature. :(

I have a TON of books, and I won’t be able to review them right after I read them. So I will choose three-six to review when I get back…from the forest. Now, I have to go write another post. There will be no TTT.



6 thoughts on “Camping, Reading, and Drinking Iced Tea

  1. After school, I’m getting home ASAP and I’m not going to stop reading until I have finished The Blood of Olympus. It’s arriving on my doorstep tomorrow.

  2. BLOOD OF OLYMPUS IS OUT TODAY. That is so exciting! I’ve already read few reviews (whoa, how did people read it that fast?) and they are all positive. I actually wrote a blog post about series enders (due to the impending BoO release date) that should be up soon.
    I’m horrible at camping, but huzzah for reading!

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