Weekly Wrap-Up #6

What happened this week?

  1. I went camping! Which was pretty fun, even though I’m not a nature person. We saw a yellow-bellied marmot, no bears, lots of chipmunk things, TREES, and a few birdies. :)
  2. The Blood of Olympus was released! And I still don’t have it. I’m hoping it comes today. *fingers crossed*
  3. I was on Fall Break. I loooove Fall Break. It’s the perfect time of year. And then we have Thanksgiving Break next month, Winter Break in December through a bit of January, Spring Break in March, a few holidays, and then summer! Whoa. Way to put the year in perspective.
  4. I decided to take an entry exam on the 18th. You might know that I’m [probably] going to a different school next year. It’s a private school, but my mom got a job there to lessen the tuition. I still have to go through the entry process, though, which consists of visiting the campus, taking, like, four tests [I think it’s four. Or three.], getting recommendations from my English teacher, math teacher, and counselor/principal, giving them a transcript of your grades, and being interviewed. So, yeah, I’m a little nervous about the exam, but I can retake it. I don’t know if I’ll be prepared in the math sector. BTW, they only test math and English. Send me good luck!
  5. Malala Yousafzai is going to be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize! She is the youngest person ever to receive it, and the first Pakistani. I’ll talk more about it on AGV, here. [The link just goes to that blog; you’ll have to find the post.]

Here are some posts that I enjoyed from other blogs:

Now, to my posts:

On Monday, I went camping! In nature. ;P

On Wednesday, I reviewed Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

On Thursday, I came back from nature and told you about some random stuff.

On Friday, I reviewed Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. And I freaking loved it! Like a boss. [Okay, that was weird.]

I finished Clockwork Angel, so expect a book review soon. I think it’ll be Wednesday, because I have something scheduled for Sunday, I want to do a special post on Monday, and Tuesday is TTT. Then I’ll be really behind! Speaking of which, I should renew my library books. [Did that make any sense?]

Blogs I started following this week:

Charli’s blog is fairly new but really awesome. Go subscribe to her!

Before I Go: I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy last night and LOVED it. My favorite character is Marvin. Now I need to read the book!

That’s all.


Which was your favorite post? Tell me in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #6

  1. Yay for camping and fall break! Thanks so much for sharing my posts :D

    Oh, and how AWESOME is Malala. I really need to read her book – she’s just amazing. And her saying how she didn’t deserve it?? Like, nobody on this planet can be as awesome as her.

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