Skipping TTT Like a Boss

[I actually used to despise the phrase, “Like a boss” but now I use it all the time. XD I’m cool like that.]


Yesterday I went to a book event at a book store. The authors who were featured were Gennifer Albin, Nikki Kelly, Jessica Brody, and…wait for it…Marissa Meyer! I brought all of the books currently published in The Lunar Chronicles and bought Gennifer Aldin’s book, Crewel, except it will be added to my ever-growing TBR.

The event was amazing. I met one of my favorite authors, heard her and other accomplished authors speak, and got my books signed! It’s better than a concert! [I’ve never actually been to a concert, so don’t take my word for it.]

Some of the authors’ advice/thoughts/et cetera [whether silly or serious]:

  • BUY HEADPHONES. This is very important for a writer. Why? While Gennifer Albin was NaNoWriMoing, she did not have headphones to listen to music [and block out the sound of the man next to her, who was watching YouTube, without headphones].
  • If you tell yourself you have writer’s block, you are only encouraging your stuckness. [I’m paraphrasing.] Jessica Brody does not believe in writer’s block, because of the above stated reason, which I find to be a very interesting opinion. For me, acknowledging that I have writer’s block can help me, so I can realize the issue and find a solution.
  • Marissa Meyer and Jessica Brody write their outlines using fifteen “beats.” “Beats” are different plot points or major happenings. Meyer and Brody use these to stay on track and to get from Point A to Point B, or Beat 1 to Beat 2. I would benefit from using this, because I tend to add twists in the middle, complicating the ending. [If you’re reading Nakoma, you know what I mean.]
  • British people think American cheese and chocolate aren’t as good as cheese and chocolate in the UK. The reason for this being that our cows are unhappy. Or so Nikki Kelly says.

I hope you learned something from that. :) All of the authors had very good advice for authors, despite the ideas above. They all were very intelligent, funny, and informative.

My signed books (!!!):

20141014_144911 20141014_144923 20141014_144938 20141014_144955

My swag:


The Lunar Chronicles swag, courtesy of Marissa Meyer. Contents: Rampion poster, 3 Lunar Chronicles stickers, and bookmark.

The Crewel World Trilogy swag, courtesy of Gennifer Albin. Contents: “Some girls have a knack for trouble” paper card, sticker, and “Life is crewel” paper card.

Although I did not buy her book, Jessica Brody gave me some swag, too! Contents: Excerpt from the first chapter of “Unremembered” and sticker with her signature to put in the book when I buy it.

Fierce Reads swag, courtesy of Fierce Reads. Contents: bag, poster, bookmark, and “Fairest” mirror.

And here are some pictures of the authors:


The queen herself…Marissa Meyer. [And lots of random heads.]


Jessica Brody on the left, Nikki Kelly on the right. [And lots of random heads.]


An extremely horrible picture of Gennifer Albin. [And lots of random heads.] I apologize immensely for the bad quality.


Jessica Brody talking about her book. [And a few random heads.]

I met a very nice girl, Connie, at the book event. She has a blog, called The YA Book Thief. She’s a new blogger; you remember what is was like to be new, too, don’t you? Pop on over to Connie’s fabulous blog here and follow her!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! The Blood of Olympus just came, like two minutes ago!!!! Right after this post, I’m reading it!!!!!


Have you ever been to a book signing or event? What was it like? Tell me in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Skipping TTT Like a Boss

  1. Aww, thank you so much for mentioning me! ^_^ I’m definitely linking to your blog when I post about the Fierce Read event… which will be as soon as I’m not too lazy to upload the photos from my camera to my laptop :P

    I love the pictures of Marissa Meyer’s signatures! Now I’m regretting not bringing along more books to get signed, haha. Yesterday was so much fun, I hope we’ll get to meet up at another event someday! Publishing companies should seriously tour in the Bay Area more, am I right?

    (I also gave you this link on my blog but) here’s that shirt I wore to the event!

    • No prob. :) I know what it’s like to be new. Thanks; I know, life is hard. :P
      Haha. I feel so bad for Emily (that other girl near us); she forgot her Meyer books! O.O Yeah, that would be fun. Yes, they should. It would be closer for me.
      Thanks for the link; I neeed that shirt.
      BTW, I subscribed to your blog. ;)

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