So, I’ve attempted to post The Candy Book Tag twice. Both times, WordPress has deleted it. And I’m angry. I will not be participating until further notice, but head on over here if you wish to. The tag is really awesome and fun, so please do it if you have time! Sam just started it.

TGIF! I just started school again on Wednesday, and I’m already sooo tired. Bleh. I’m also kind of freaking out because I am taking, like, four exams tomorrow to get in to my new school. O.O But afterwards my best friend is coming over for a sleepover and we’re watching Harry Potter, so maybe I’ll be okay. :)

One week till my birthday! Yay! And I won’t be at school. :P I will be driving to Camperween.

Camp-er-ween; noun: A gathering of my parents’ friends and their children who host a Halloween camping trip the week before Halloween, which happens to be on my birthday. Which sucks.

I am also going to be getting an iPhone 5c soon [for my birthday] and I am STOKED! I’m putting my “IKO APPROVED” sticker that I got from Marissa Meyer on a white case for it. It’s gonna be awesome.

Just a little update on my life, I guess.

#tired #TGIF #loadsofhomework #exams #sleepover #weekend #iPhone



9 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. UGH, silly WordPress. Such a shame it deleted it :( It looks like a fun tag. I hope school gets better for you!!! And happy early birthday – Camperween sounds like a fun way to spend Halloween, but not if it’s on your birthday. You must celebrate with chocolate, yes? :)

  2. I’m currently stalking your blog at like 12:30 like the creepy person I am and I am sosososososo happy that you’ve read The Lunar Chronicles because they are like my favorite books!

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