Weekly Wrap-Up #9

I know, I will write after this… I just need a tiny break. So what happened this week?

  1. NaNoWriMo began! I’m a little jittery, a little scared, and mostly excited. Instead of 50k I’m lowering it to 40k, just because it’s my first NaNo. [I did Camp, but I just continued Nakoma and wrote 20k]. Yesterday I wrote about 1.85k, which exceeded my word count. :)
  2. MHM got tons of people. Originally, I was going to shut down my other blog, AGV, for a month, but then Engie stepped in and offered to run it. So she’s now the blogger behind AGV! And she promoted my linkup, My Hero Monday, which now has, like, SIX people. I am STOKED. Thank you, Engie!!!
  3. I bought Taylor Swift’s new album from iTunes. And, god, am I loving it. “1989” is one of my favorite by her. At first, I was a little shaky about it when I heard “Shake It Off,” but now I actually LOVE that song. My favorite, however, is “Blank Space.” This is gonna be forever / Or it’s gonna go down in flames.
  4. Halloween happened. It was quite uneventful for me, seeing it rained and we couldn’t go trick or treating. :(
  5. I reached 80 followers! [I actually, as of now, have 81.] Thank you soooo much. I am going to sound so cheesy, but I love you all. Thank you for reading my posts, even if you don’t like or comment. *ahem*

And my posts this week…

On Tuesday I posted some advice about life.

On Wednesday I reviewed Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.

On Thursday I freaked everyone out by reminding them that NaNo was in two days.

On Friday I showed you my NaNo survival kit.

NaNoWriMo started on Saturday!

And a NaNoWriMo update…

Technology-wise: YWP still doesn’t enjoy my computer, but I’m dealing with it.

Writing-wise: I haven’t written today, but I will after this post.

WORD COUNT TOTAL: 1854 words



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