Weekly Wrap-Up #14


Another week has gone by. Maybe too fast.

  1. NaNoWriMo ended. And I won. :) Congrats to everyone who met their word count! If you didn’t make it, that’s okay, too. At least you have part of a novel, right? So keep on writing, and those who have a finished novel: edit.
  2. School started back up. And projects! And homework! Yay.
  3. I had my choir concert. It went really well and was really fun. I’ll be starting choir again in January.

And I posted…

On Sunday, I wrapped up NaNoWriMo and shared the last excerpt from Bloggish.

On Tuesday, I did the A-Z Book Tag.

On Thursday, I shared with you the books I bought, updated you on my life, and previewed my revisions for Bloggish.

On Friday, I began Christmas celebrations!

My favorite GIF from this week [I totally didn’t steal this from The Loony Teen Writer…]:

funny animated GIF

Look out for a review of Paper Towns and Beautiful Books linkup. Have a fantabulous weekend. :)


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