Weekly Wrap-Up #15|100 FOLLOWERS!!!


Be prepared for lots of flailing and caps.

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Instead of doing a giveaway or something cool like that [sorry!], I’m going to give you a long post about how happy I am. And thankful. And excited. And ecstatic.

I have only been blogging since February. That’s only, like, 10 1/2 months. I now have 100 followers. This is madness! I remember when it was just Sam and my grandma reading my blog, and I was excited to have TEN followers. But those times are over. I now have 100 followers. IT’S STILL SINKING IN.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and commented and liked my posts. I’m so thankful for this wonderful community of crazy, fangirling book bloggers. You make my day every day; I’ve found some of my best friends here.

Thank you to Evi for being the bestest online friend ever.

Thank you to Sam for being my inspiration.

Thank you to Emily for posting the funniest content.

Thank you to Cait for being the blogger I strive to be.

And everyone else who has helped me on this journey: thank you. You may know who you are, or you may not. But if you have followed my blog and are reading this right now, you have helped. You have made me feel happy and loved and fulfilled.

You guys are the ones who understand me the most, I think. You know my insane, fangirl, bookish side, the side I want to stand out. I can fangirl with you. I can flail with you. I can NaNoWriMo with you past midnight. You make my crappiest days brighter and life a little more worth it.

This is turning very sappy.

Even though I’m not hosting a giveaway or whatever, I still want to do something special. I think it’s time I got Bloglovin’, don’t you think? So, voila! I did it. Here is the link they gave me: <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/13286883/?claim=pwxnuedchjg”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> It’s just a confirmation code. Once I have the button up, you can follow me on Bloglovin’, too. Also, please please please don’t unfollow me. It is not very nice. :(

Here everybody, eat virtual cake. Hugs, kisses, love you all!

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So what happened this week, anyway? [Besides 100 followers, I mean.]

  1. I finished my last big project! Woo-hoo. I delivered my monologue yesterday, and I think I did a good job. Now I just have to freak out about my grades. Which are not the best so far.
  2. It rained a whole heck of a lot. I didn’t wear mascara all week because it rained so much! Some schools were cancelled on Thursday because there was this whole storm and stuff, but our wasn’t. They did have to postpone Arts Night, though. [Arts Night is a performance night when all the classes that had performing arts class put on their plays.]
  3. We did wreath-making yesterday. It was okay, but since my parents never check their email, *cough* I didn’t know to bring a wreath-thingy. But we ate food. So that was good.
  4. I don’t really know. It was a pretty average week.
  5. Oh! My sister had her orchestra performance. So, back in the spring, I might have posted about being in an orchestra [I played violin]. But I quit and am now in a choir. My sister is still in orchestra, though, so she had her concert. I helpe sell tickets and shirts, which was really fun.

On Sunday, I reviewed and flailed about Paper Towns John Green.

On Monday, I participated in the Beautiful Books Linkup #3.

On Wednesday, I did the Book Blog Reflections Linkup.

On Thursday, I created a blog survey to see how you people like my blog. If you haven’t filled that out, please do so ASAP.

On Friday, I shared some stuff about my new novel.

What a fun week.


wow animated GIF It’s so adorable. I WANNA HUG IT!!!

Thank you so much, again, for 100 followers. Remember to follow me on Bloglovin’!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #15|100 FOLLOWERS!!!

  1. Wow! 100 followers- that is great, Chloe. Glad your presentation in class went well. Hope the work to prepare for the Spanish spelling bee continues to be challenging. Sad to hear you feel your grades not the best- perhaps you can improve them!!! When do we get another chapter of Nakoma or a wrap up of it or an edit……Much love, Nana

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