Cover for Starlight and Synopsis PLUS Where to Read It and Beta

Hello, blogglings.*

*Yes, I am quite aware of the long title. And I am not sorry.

I have done some things with Starlight. I made a cover, and a synopsis.


In a land full of fantastical creatures and few pureblood humans, a warlock by the name of Starlight is captured by the Court. Imprisoned and tried, she is found guilty of using magic against a human. Starlight is sentenced to Terram Nox, past the boundaries of her land, and into unknown territory, to die. However, a mysterious man accompanies her, determined to let her live.
Little does this man know, Starlight is not only attempting to survive the month of exile, but she is trying to find her dragon father, in hopes that he will lead her to her long-lost mother. As Starlight goes deeper and deeper into the Land of Night, she finds herself slipping away, becoming part of the shadows.
Will Starlight ever find her parents? Or will she become a shadow, forever tied to the evil land? And will she learn to trust and find friendship in the one who wants it most?

Are you intrigued?

I’ve also made it possible for you to read it! I published it on Figment, a great website to share your writing. You can view Starlight here. For those of you who don’t have Figment accounts, I will tell you when I update it and post the link here.

Let’s talk about beta readers.

I’d really like a few people I can send each chapter to and get feedback on it. If you’re interested, tell me in the comments below. Consider the following before jumping to the chance:

  1. Will you give honest feedback?
  2. Will you give constructive criticism?
  3. Are you an experienced novelist?
  4. Are you interested in my novel?

If you said “yes” to any of these, why don’t you comment below?

shrug animated GIF

School is almost out! Just a few days to go and then we’re on break. :)

I hope you like Starlight and are considering being my beta reader. :) Also, if you haven’t follow me on Twitter; my username is @revelinginwords. If you don’t have Twitter, not to worry. If you look at the sidebar you can see all of my tweets!


8 thoughts on “Cover for Starlight and Synopsis PLUS Where to Read It and Beta

  1. I’d really love to read in beta! As I mentioned before, Starlight looks totally awesome.
    Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to do a swap? I’m also looking for beta readers (for my NaNoWriMo project). I totally get it if you can’t, though, and I’d still be willing to beta for Starlight anyway.

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  3. Yes, I will give honest feedback. Looking forward to Starlight. I like the synopsis. Are you going to do a list of chapters you will include with the names of those chapters? Any fleshing out of the synopsis would likely keep us readers interested! So sorry Nakoma had to be jetisoned but I get it- first novels are experiments in reaching the divine!

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