#TwitterYuleBall2014|Message to My Betas

Just wanted to let you know that #TwitterYuleBall2014 is on Saturday! If you’re on Twitter, look up the hashtag to learn more. It seems really fun. :) [And if anyone wants to go with me, tweet me. As friends, of course. ;P]

Hello, my betas. Greetings.

Was that creepy-sounding?

The steps to beta-ing:

  1. Make a Figment account. Free and easy.
  2. Follow me on Figment.
  3. Find Starlight.
  4. Write a review for each chapter as I post them. Just put, “Re: Whatever Chapter” so I know which one.
  5. Be honest. Give me constructive criticism.

So, begin the steps, my betas! FLY!


4 thoughts on “#TwitterYuleBall2014|Message to My Betas

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