Analyzing Survey Data

I made a survey.

It has been a week since said survey was released, so I decided to analyze what people said and see what I can do to make my blog better for 2015!

Question 1: Who are you?

81.8% said they were bloggers

9.1% said they were just an internet person

9.1% said they were my IRL friend

0% said they were a published author

Yay for bloggers! I would like to have more people besides bloggers reading my blog, but bloggers are cool. :)

Question 2: How did you find my blog?

54.5% said another blog

18.2% said a linkup

9.1% said IRL

9.1% said another blogger

9.1% said other

0% said social media

So, obviously, I need to work on promoting my blog through social media. Thank you to the blogs who might have helped me, and to the linkups! I will do more linkups.

Question 3: 1-5, how would you rate my blog?

***** 18.18%

**** 72.73%

*** 9.09%

** 0%

* 0%

I’m happy; people like my blog!

Question 4: Which of these posts is your favorite?

54.5% said discussions

18.2% said posts about my personal life

9.1% said memes

9.1% said tags

9.1% said book reviews

0% said TTTs

0% said Book Hauls

I’m glad people like discussions; those are my favorite, too.

Question 5: Which of these is your least favorite post?

By a lot, people don’t like Book Hauls. :'(

Question 6: How often do you visit my blog?

45.5% said 2-4 times a week

36.4% said 4+ times a week

18.2% said once a week

I have regular visitors, which is good. :)

Question 7: How often do you comment on my blog?

54.5% said occasionally

27.3% said when they have time

18.2% said almost every post

0% said every post

0% said never

Commenting NEEDS to get better. But I’m not a very good commenter myself, so…

Question 8: Which blog design has been your favorite?

It was a tie between this current design and the previous one. :)

18.2% said the first one

9.1% said they didn’t see the previous designs

Question 9: What social media should I get to promote my blog?

7 votes were for Twitter, which was the maximum. And I have it, so voila!

If you put other, tell me in the comments below what social media you think I should have.

Question 10: What do you want to see more of on my blog?

It was a tie between discussions, GIFs, and feminism. I am going to try to have more discussion posts. And I will also try to feature more GIFs. They just take a while to find and load. And you’ll see about feminism below…

Music was the runner-up, so maybe I’ll participate in Evi’s Music Medley.

What am I going to change for 2015?

  • I am going to comment on other blogs more, and hopefully gain more commenters on my blog.
  • I am going to tweet about posts so my followers can read them.
  • I will try to participate in more linkups soothers can see my blog.

Not only will I do all of this, but I have a big announcement:

I am deleting my other blog, A Girl’s Voice.

The reason for this being that I don’t have enough content or time to blog on there regularly. It has just become the host for My Hero Monday, a linkup created by me which has grown so much and I am so proud. I will be featuring Feminism Fridays on this blog, however, and will host MHM here, too.

I’m very sorry if anyone is disappointed or upset with me. I understand. I wish I had more tiem to contribute to the other blog, but between school and writing and blogging, the hours of the day go by too fast.

Those of you who wanted more feminism, you will get it every Friday starting in 2015.

I hope you enjoyed my post! If there’s anything else not mentioned that you’d like to see on my blog in 2015, feel free to comment below with suggestions.



3 thoughts on “Analyzing Survey Data

  1. Glad we will get Friday comments on feminism and totally see why you eliminated one blog. Too much work and time. When do we get more Nakoma or the end or the edit?? Dd you see that Malala’s home territory was attacked by Taliban again and almost 200 students /teachers killed. What do you think about that?

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