Weekly Wrap-Up #16

It’s time for another wrap-up of the week!

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What happened this week:

  1. School’s out! We have 17 days of break. 1. 7. It’s crazy!!! I will miss my friends, but I am glad to have a vacation. I am still waiting for my report card, though, and am a bit nervous.
  2. I got Twitter last weekend! If you still haven’t followed me, go do so right now. My username is @revelinginwords. :D
  3. #TwitterYuleBall2014 is today. [So it hasn’t happened yet, but still.] I am so excited!!! I am going single as a pringle, and shall be dancing with Dumbledore and one of my other singles Twitter friends.

What I posted this week:

On Sunday, I reviewed Pretties by Scott Westerfield.

On Monday, I put some mores stuff out about Starlight and introduced you to #TwitterYuleBall2014.

On Wednesday, I analyzed survey data.

On Friday, I showed you the books I bought and discussed shopping habits.


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I hope you have a fantabulous day, and I will blog again soon.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #16

  1. Great post! I had a busy week. I finished reading Four by Veronica Roth this week (signed copy–jealous? lol) and I followed you on Twitter, and although I haven’t checked my account these past few days, all your tweets were lovely. Also: thanks for promoting my giveaway in your tweet! I appreciate it.

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