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This is a new feature about feminism called Feminist Fridays. Since I deleted my second blog, A Girl’s Voice, which was about feminism, I decided to have feminism on this blog by introducing a new feature. FF will have topics ranging from what feminism is to my thoughts on LGBTQ+ things and beyond. It is not a linkup, but feel free to leave your own opinion on whatever I am discussing in the comment section below.

I’m going back to school next week. I have gotten so used to being on break! And when I go to school, I know that I am going to hear the word “gay” being used improperly. The most common form being, “That’s so gay.” I always cringe whenever I hear people say this, and most of the time I’ll say something. Unfortunately, this doens’t always help. The people saying this don’t necessarily know it’s wrong.

And I have a theory about their thoughts, and a solution to this.

When I was younger, I was taught that being gay or lesbian or queer or whatever you identify as is fine. It is normal, everyone is unique, and it is not something to shame someone for or be afraid of. We are all people. And one of the reasons I think I learned this and it has now become a part of me, is because when I was a kid, I met gay people. My parents have three gay friends who they have known for a long time and who are very dear to them. I grew up around them.

Some people didn’t have anyone who was gay in their life. Maybe they still don’t. I think it’s very important for others to learn that gay people are just people. But if someone does not know a gay person, they’re going to be even more easily sucked into the offensive culture people have created toward gay people.

That’s where parents need to step in. Even if a kid, or their parents, don’t know anyone who’s gay, they can tell their children that its fine to be gay. I think parenst need to do this more often, because if they don’t say anything, their kid is going to not learn, and be affected by their peers and the media.

Saying nothing is just as bad as saying something against gay people. It’s like being a bystander in a bullying situation. If you don’t stop the bullying, you are just as bad as the bully.

School is full of peer pressure, and there’s that pressure to fit in, of course. And fitting can be saying gay jokes or other hurtful comments and actions.

So far this post has been targeted toward new parents, which is not exactly the group of people who reads my blog. XD But now…

Standing up to people who make fun of gay people can be very difficult. I know I’d liek to say that I always stand up to someone who says “That’s so gay,” but that’s not true. Sometimes, I’ll hear it and “ignore” it. Why? Well, personally, I don’t want the people saying it to think I’m weird. I already have people who don’t like me for grammar reasons. And they think I only do bookish things. So I want to fit in, and to do this, sometimes I’ll ignore something I hear.

Don’t do that. Don’t do what I do. You should always stand up to people, no matter how difficult it may be. I think that it’s better to be a little ridiculed than let someone continue to stereotype gay people and make fun of them. I would have a guilty conscience.

What do you say when you stand up to someone making fun of gay people? I know I usually say something like, “That’s not very kind to gay people” or something along the lines of that. But I don’t think that’s very effective. If you’re funny, it will stick in people’s minds more. I saw this in an article on feminist.com: If someone calls a broken pencil sharpener gay when they’re frustrated, you can say, “I didn’t now the pencil sharpener had sexual orientation.” Sure, it isn’t hilarious, but it’s witty, and might stick in their minds longer than just reprimanding them.

Here are some other ideas:

  1. I know someone who’s gay, and they don’t like that *insert noun here*. [Example: That lunch box is sooo gay.]
  2. Instead of saying “gay,” why don’t you say “stupid” or “annoying”? [Example: This assembly is so gay.]
  3. I have a friend who’s gay, and I don’t think they’d appreciate being compared to a *insert noun here*. Are you like a *insert noun here*.
  4. Do you know anyone who’s gay? *says yes* Well, do you think they’d like that?

I’ve actually said the last one before, and it kind of backfired. This boy said something negative about gay people, so I asked him if he knew anyoen who was gay, and he did. I then asked him if this gay person was mean, or whatever he had said, and that person happened to be. This made him think that all gay people were like that. I wish I had said, “I know someone who is straight and they’re mean. Does that make all straight people mean?” but, sadly, I missed that opportunity.

It’s very important not to stereotype and make fun of people. We are all human.

My Hero Monday January 2015 Signup

This month the theme is a hero you might have heard about or know a little about. It’s a hero you don’t know much about, because NEW YEAR. Get it? Get it?

You can see the MHM page here to learn more.

Anyway, put your name, blog URL, and any Mondays that don’t work in the comments below. I will post the schedule with my MHM on the first Monday, so nobody gets that one.

I hope you enjoyed my first FF and you learned something new. :) Do you stand up against people? Tell me in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Feminist Fridays #1|MHM Signup

  1. Hi Chloe it’s Ava. I thought I would share a quick story with you. So one day I was at school and a girl in my class was talking to me and she said something about how being gay is bad and I asked her why she thought that and she said that it was because in the bible it said that marriage is between a man and a women. Then I said to her, “Don’t you think people should be able to marry whoever they love no matter what gender they are?” She didn’t know how to respond to that. I believe that being gay isn’t bad but it is just like any other relationship and society just needs to get used to it.

  2. Excellent post, Chloe. I like how honest you are, admitting that sometimes you do the right thing and sometimes not, mainly to not embarass yourself. /But remember: Embarassment is highly overrated. What if you saw someone that you thought was in trouble and you asked if he/she was okay and were laughed at because that person was NOT in trouble- BUTwhat IF that person had been in trouble and you had NOT asked. Which is worse? I look forward to your brave moves forward as you experience new things in life. keep me posted!

  3. *nodnod* There have been sooooooooo many times when I just didn’t feel like correcting someone, but I think it’s important to do so, no matter how difficult. Lovely post!

    I’d like to post for MHM on the 19th. :) So… basically the prompt is someone we’ve only recently heard about?

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