Weekly Wrap-Up #18

Hello, everyone, it’s time for another weekly wrap-up! Also quick reminder, if you haven’t signed up for My Hero Monday for this month, you can do so in the comment section of this post. Signups are open through Sunday.

So, what did I do this week?

  1. I watched 4 movies. This is really unusual for me and my family, because we usually only watch one movie per week, but it was break, my cousins were here, we went to a sleepover, so yeah. I watched “I Was a Male War Bride” with my grandparents, cousin, and aunt. It’s a really funny classic about this guy who has to pretend to be a war bride, except he’s a man, not a woman. I also watched “The Maze Runner” finally and OH MY GOD it was terrifying. I imagined the Grievers to be blubbery, butter-shaped cows with needles sticking out of them. But they are actually freaking spiders with metal pieces??? “The Scorch Trials” is going to be disgusting and scary x10. I also watched two Star Trek movies. I watched “Star Trek”, the one made in 2009, at a sleepover, and “The Voyage Home” last night with my dad and sister. Both were awesome!
  2. I had a sleepover on New Year’s Eve. That was when I watched “Star Trek.” It was really fun and we stayed up till one in the morning. ;)
  3. I began plotting a new novel. Yes, PLOTTING. OUTLINING. I made a graph of the chapters, sat down, and freaked out. I felt like I couldn’t plan each little chapter. It was terrifying. But I did it. :) I am so proud of myself. So you will learn more about it…soon.
  4. I ordered five books from Amazon. So psyched!!! Be on the lookout for a Book Haul post soon.

That’s it!

What I posted this week:

On Tuesday, I said goodbye to 2014.

On Thursday, I reviewed Four by Veronica Roth. It was a bad review. And I am sorry. And I also told you why I am discontinuing Starlight.

On Friday, I did my first Feminist Friday and posted the signup for MHM.


reaction animated GIF

Actually, it was my only GIF…

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #18

  1. You’re writing a new novel?!?!?! Awesome!!! Sounds like you had fun at your sleepover. At mine we stayed up until 4:45. And being the annoying person that I am, I was awake at 8:30, and just happened to wake everyone up by making noise. Whoops.

  2. Yay, good luck with your new book. I plan to do some extensive plotting for my next book because it’s going to be epic fantasy and I really need to figure out the ins and outs of my storyworld. As for discontinuing Starlight, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. All authors (or at least the ones that write a lot and try new things) have books that they discontinued or trunked. And who know? Maybe someday you might be able to go back to that manuscript with fresh eyes and find yourself knowing where to take it now.

  3. I LOVE Star Trek! And with the Maze Runner, I always thought that they were slugs with needles, but giant spiders sounds… scary :/.

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