Book Haul + Bookshelf Tour :)

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you might have seen me get very excited about a package that arrived from Amazon yesterday.

You know what was inside?


Of course they’re books–why else would I be posting about it?



Clockwise from left:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor–I’ve heard good things and I’ve heard bad, so we’ll see what I think.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson–Only good things. I’ve been waiting forever to finally read it!

Anna and the French Kiss trilogy by Stephanie Perkins–OMG!!!!

I am super stoked and excited and everything, so I cannot wait to read them!

Also: I am postponing my read of The Scorch Trials and the rest of The Maze Runner series until a closer time to the next movie. I’m also getting very grossed out by them…

Recently, I got a new bookshelf and moved all my books and stuff, so I decided to do a tour of my bookshelves. Let’s get to it!


This is my bookshelf. [Actually, bookshelves.] I have 131-ish bookies, I believe. AND I LOVE THEM; THEY ARE MY CHILDREN.


Do you see that??? My TMI books, all together and pretty. :)

So, I’m not going to write down all the books, so I shall show you pictures and possibly little words.




My PERSONALLY SIGNED TO ME Lunar Chronicles books. *dies of happiness*


Yes, that is the Dork Diaries series, my [not so] guilty pleasure reading…



Lots of hardbacks…







And my junk: notebooks, old magazines [Cricket or Stone Soup, anyone?], and papers and other junk. XD


I hope you enjoyed my book haul and bookshelf tour. How many books do you have? Tell me in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Book Haul + Bookshelf Tour :)

  1. I don’t usually buy books unless I REALLY like them, so my bookshelf is pretty sparse (they’re mostly Christmas and birthday presents).

    I actually got a subscription to Cicada (the YA version of Cricket) for Christmas this year. I’m pretty excited about it. Did you like Cricket?

  2. I have around 100 I think. Two bookshelves in my room, a desk (which holds LOTS of books) a huge bookshelf in the lounge, a showcase that also holds lots of books and a dining table that is basically another bookshelf. Life is awesome. So many books.

    This book haul/bookshelf tour is so cool! (Your bookshelf is MASSIVE!!)

  3. That is a lot of books. Seriously, I want your books. Sadly I only just started buying books (the library rocks, but after awhile you just want your own books), so I probably only have half a bookshelf full. :(

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  6. I really want that Daughter of Smoke and Bone boxset! I have only read the first two in eBook form and I NEED THE PRETTY HARDBACKS. I wish I had some proper shelves but I hardly own any books anymore so I guess I don’t really need them. I tend to borrow from the library or buy eBooks to save space. I’d love a big collection like yours though ;)

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